Friday, August 25, 2006


4 years ago, one of my uni mates sent us an email to ask us to create a Friendster account to keep all of us connected. I did.

I am not sure how often do most of the users in Friendster actually browse through their friend's profile in Friendster. I browse it rather often. I really think that this "tool" is very useful in updating ourselves with friends' statuses in such a busy era when everyone is busy with work.

I can browse Friendster for hours. I can see my friend's status, and link to my friend's friend, and the list goes on and on. I can also discover interesting things from Friendster, for e.g., "OH... she is married..."... "Ohh... he has a new girlfriend... then what happened to his ex-gf?"... then I'll browse to the ex-gf profile and see... "Oohh... she is......" etc etc... I can find out most of the things about my friends from Friendster, changing hairstyle, travelled somewhere recently, bought a new car, and so on so on. Well, some might say I am just busy body to do this, but it makes me feel close to my friends in my heart, esp. my good friends that I don't have chance to chat with / meet up often.

But anyway, I think my sister is even more pro in Friendster. She can even find out someone's partner from the Friendster by reading the testimonial, or looking at other pictures! Bravo!!

Isn't it interesting? Hehehehe... I love it. When I am stress or tired, I'd just browse to Friendster and start my "hunting"... Sometimes, I can even find a long lost friend from different connection. The idea is just cool!