Thursday, May 31, 2007

My lovely Marcus

Everytime when I show my family pictures to my friend, I get the same response. "Is that your youngest brother? Oh my god he's so big already... How old is he now?". Then, I'll proudly say, he's in Form 5 now. Then, the same comment will come again.. "Gosh, the last time I heard you talking about him was when he was in Primary 3 and he was still a boy....." and it goes on and on.

True enough, time flies. When I left my hometown to Uni, Marcus, my youngest bro, was only 8 years old. He's 10 years younger than me. I used to take care of him - feeding him, bathed him, changed him, almost everything. And now, look, the boy that I used to carry in my arm is now 1 head taller than me.

Why is Marcus lovable? When his teeth started to grow, I realised his teeth look like mine. We both have rabbit teeth! Since then, he became my favorite brother.

I have a lot of fond memories on Marcus when he was young. He used to be silly and stupid - as in very easily tricked. Of course, I am 10 years older than him! However, now he has grown up, my tricks just don't work anymore. And he's 10x smarter than me now!

My memories with Marcus
1. Marcus is very ticklish. He couldn't stand it when others start to tickle him, and I love to do that. I don't even need to have my fingers on his body. I just need to show my moving fingers, as if I am telling him.. "Hey.. I am coming.." and he'll laugh until he lost his breath, and until my mum started to scream as he has asthma.

2. I have to guide him doing his homework when he was in primary school. Being a boy, he always got distracted. To keep his interest in completing his work, I had no choice but came out with some tricks. For e.g., opening a can of coke and told him.. OK whenever u finish copying 10 words, you get to drink one sip of the coke. When you finish, the whole can is yours! It worked wonders then!

3. When he was 6, I saw him coming out from the kitchen holding a cup. "What's that?" I asked. He held the cup closer to his mouth, and said "Plain water" and he finished the drink. Later only I found out, it was sprite! One year later, I bought some fries for him from Mc Donald (I had to do that to get him to go out with me!). While I was driving to pick my sis, he was feeding me his fries. I asked him, "Do you remember that you never share food with me last time?". He said, "really?" And gave a mischievous smile!

4. When I went home during my semester break, he told me he scored only 70% for his BM paper. "That's lousy! I always scored >90% when I was at your age!" I told him. He said, "The questions are really tough you know. Let me test you!" And he started to take it out and read the questions to me. Of course I could answer them. Then he said.. "Hmm... you're really quite smart....". He was 10. I was 20.

5. The same year, I brought him for his first movie in cinema. He was excited! He has never been to cinema before. He asked me, so do we get to buy pop corn and coke when we visit the cinema? I was shocked, and asked, how did you know? You never been there before. He answered me, it's shown in the TV. I told him, Well, you know this is Miri. There's no pop corn and coke in Miri's cinema.
He just kept silence and accepted the truth. Anyway, in the end, he got his pop corn and coke during the movie.

The list can go on and on. I told someone before, I wish I could go back to the time when Marcus was growing up. I missed seeing him growing up from a boy, to a man (maybe not yet a man?).

Now that he's half way grown up (:P), he'll soon be leaving the family and going to explore the other phases of his life. The thought of
him be far away somewhere hurts me everytime. Anyway, as a sister, I'll always love him like when he was as cute as 5, because he's just so lovable!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Bear & Cat Talk

The Bear was accompanying The Cat to the bank to withdraw some money from the ATM machine.

Cat: Did you realize that everytime when we take money from ATM machine, your ATM card will come out first then only followed by the money?
Bear: Ya hor...
Cat: Don't understand why they want to do this. Why can't the money come out first, then only the ATM card?
Bear: Maybe they want to make sure you remember to take the ATM card.
Cat: Hmm?
Bear: Ya, because you'll never forget to take your money. So your card should come out first before your money so that you won't forget to take your card.
Cat: Ya hor! Bear why are you so smart today?! I never know you can be so smart!!
Bear: Hey com'on. I was a Business Analyst before. I drew process flows! Duh~!!

The Cat was hungry. The Bear was preparing to cook a simple fried omelets with ham as an extra dish for dinner.

Cat: <Beating the eggs & adding soy sauce into the beaten eggs>
Bear: Eeee? How do you know you should put soy sauce into eggs?
Cat: Of course I know la... It makes the eggs taste saltier and nicer.
Bear: I thought you won't know since you don't cook...
Cat: Com'on. I know more things that you don't know.
Bear: Yeah right. You don't know about the ATM machine.
Cat: Yah except that one since I was never a BA! Sometimes you can be quite smart also.
Bear: OK, enough. Shut up!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


It has been a very hectic month.

Anyway, it has been a great month as well after all the rushings.

I got to meet up a lot of my old friends, and also new friends from other countries during my business trip. All of them light up my life in a special way & added extra sweet memories into my life.

During my friend's wedding, I never expect to bump into the other 3 of my ex-colleagues from my first job in Vietnam. What a great meet up even though we just talked to each other for less than 20 minutes!
My pretty girl friends & the groom

After the dinner, I met up with my two zi muis (aka sister) for supper. The last time when I met them (if I am not mistaken) was >1 year ago! The meet up was great and we enjoyed all our gossiping & updating.

My sexy zi muis

I flew to Philippines for my business trip on the very next day. I met up with a few of fun friends from Costa Rica. We had great talkings, laughings & dancings together after the daily tiring meeting. Even till now, some of the jokes still crack me into laughter whenever I think about it!

A real funny guy

A very good looking manager & talented singer

After I came back from my business trip, my uni friends came to PG and visited us (those who work in PG) and we had a good time hanging out till 2am for 2 nights continuously! I felt like I am 20 years old again!

Hanging out @ the beach....

Besides, I also met up with others that I didn't take pictures with.

All the gatherings / meeting up make me feel great.
Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts.

Life is just great with friends around us. Don't you agree? :)