Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My BIG Day

Since young, I like to do things in sequence. I'll do what comes first. That's why if you see my album during University time, you can see pics arranged in chronological order. And that's why, I am going to blog about my wedding first, even though I am more excited to share on my honeymoon to Bali - which shall be the next entry in my blog.

I hope you enjoy the video. I did. Great job by Perfect Moments - great pictures, great capturing on everyone's expression, great music, great slideshow. I never see my dad smile so naturally in front of a camera before. Ah well, I guess he didn't know that the camera was shooting at him. Good work! I wasn't there during the game session but I could imagine how fun it was. I couldn't stop smiling even though I have watched it over and over again for the past 30 minutes!

Finally, my wedding is OVER. I am not going to brag about it or talk much about it. Well, it's fun to prepare a wedding (we spent 1 year in preparing it) and so much so, it's stressful as well. Many things can go wrong within that one year - several sales reps left, changed of the venue, changed of plans, etc etc. All these added extra stress to my life. Just imagine, I lost 3.5kg in 3 months before my wedding. Well, I can't blame it all to wedding preparation, work added extra stress as well.

Anyway, I thank God that everything went smooth. I am not a perfectionist. I believe I do what I need to do, the rest I'll leave it to God. Things are sometimes out of my control. No wedding is perfect, things went wrong - I was stepping on my dress while marching in with my dad; presentation with overlapping music; photographer that accidentally stepped on my dress during my dinner march in; etc. But still, I enjoyed it.

I can be a worrier - worry for everything. It happened during my pre-wedding shooting which I regretted for being too stressed up. Thank God the pics are great as well! So before our wedding day, I kept reminding EG and myself that we will trust all our helpers and vendors, and we'll just enjoy our day & night.

Friends - made A LOT of difference. My zi muis & EG's heng dais came all the way from KL to Penang - some took a day leave, some came after work, some even left KL at 3am to reach PG at 7am to start the pick-the-bride session. I wasn't involved at all in the games planning as my zi muis worried that I would betray them and told the groom about the games. I was even prohibited for making calls & sms-ing EG to prevent any information leakage. Anyway, everyone had fun in the morning session - both the girls & the guys. EG has been telling me what happened on that morning when I was inside the room and everytime it never fails to make me laugh. It's just FUNNY! The gang is still the same from Uni time till now! EG couldn't stop praising his heng dais as they did everything the girls asked - pumping, eating, body touching, singing, etc - without any complaints! You can see it from the video!

After the morning session, the stressful part was the church ceremony & dinner reception as the execution is totally out of my control. I have passed down all the information to my helpers. Again, lovely friends from Jireh Unlimited CG & EPCC came as early as 3pm for the setup and checking, all the way till 11pm to make sure everything runs well. EG and I were so happy with everything and we were really relieved when we see everything is going on smoothly as we planned.

Next thing that amazed me is the em cees. Both EG and I asked our best friends from MMU to be our em cees - without considering that they had never been one. At a point, I was worried that I was giving them too much stress. But to my great surprise, everyone was so entertained with both the handsome & pretty em cees - with their jokes, their speech, their actings. It was really out of my expectations.

Followed on the list is the music band led by Pak Lang - EG's guitar teacher. He's such a funny man. He knows EG's taste in music and he plays all his favorite music. Everyone praises on the music during the dinner as they were really nice & relaxing. I saw my uncle who doesn't listen english songs moving along with the music, my father in law kept watching the band with a smile on his face, and my em cee even turned back to me and showed me his thumb to tell me - nice song!

Another thing that touched me was friends all around came for our wedding - friends, ex-classmates, ex-colleagues, ex-bosses & ex-housemates from Penang, KL, Sarawak, and all the way from United Kingdom. We felt so touched, so honored and so happy to have so many friends around us on our big day. Our wedding will not be as fun if not with so many good friends around us!

EG has always been trying to do his best for our wedding to make sure I have a good memory on it, and also to make sure I don't bug him for the rest of his life. *LOL*. After the wedding, he couldn't wait to ask me if I am happy with everything. My answer to him was - No regret on anything, everything was good.

So now, wedding is over. I AM SO RELIEF! I haven't been sleeping well & eating well for the past few weeks before my wedding. 1 week before my wedding I lost another 0.5kg! Tell me about slimming program - I don't need it! Now, I sleep with peace, eat relaxingly and laugh over things happened on my wedding day.

Now, I am very anxious for the photos from my photographers from Perfect Moments. I am supposed to get the pictures this week and I hope they will turn out really nice. And I'll post them up here once I get it, I hope. :P.

Overall, it's fun to prepare for a wedding. I have to agree with EG that luckily wedding is only once a lifetime. We only need to go through this once. LOL. For any bride-to-be or groom-to-be (I have a list of wedding dinners waiting for me in 2008), get ready for the fun and enjoy through the process. Trust me, it'll add so much fun into your life. Good luck!!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why Do You Blog?

Blogging is becoming a trend. Most of my friends around me are doing blogging.

Why do you blog?

I remembered when I first moved to PG, I don't have a lot of friends (yet) except EG. And that's why I started a blog and shared with my good friends in KL to
keep them updated on what is going on.

But later on, my blog becomes a place where I can pour out and express what I think and how I feel - about work, vacation, people around me, etc.

As I moved on, it became another place for me to record the funny moments between me and EG. As time goes by and as we're growing older bit by bit, my memory has been very bad. Blogging is a good way to remember the incidents that happened between us. I always tell him, how funny it'd be when we still read about our stories and jokes in my blog when we are 40, or 50, or even 60 and go on.

I even think that next time, when I have my kids, I'll want to start a blog for them too - to remember how they grow up and stuffs - if I have time.

If you blog, so why do you blog? If you don't blog, you might want to consider to start one.