Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Reflections

2014 is probably the craziest, the messiest, but also one of the most blessed year that both EG and I had.

Even since we're married, all the good things happened to us - we bought a terrace house in Penang (when everyone said we're crazy), I got pregnant, and we had our first child after 2 years of marriage, and our girl grew up beautifully while I braced through the journey of breastfeeding, and we marched through the journey of parenthood together, and then we had our second princess after 2 more years. We changed our car, we got promoted in our work, we very much enjoyed our family time within our small little family, and then we made probably the biggest & the craziest decision in our life - we let go of all the beautiful things that we had, and our whole family migrated to Australia together in Feb 2014.

As I wrote in my previous entry, we have been settling very well in this new place. Today, on the last day of 2014, I recall how we have gone through our year this year, there's only one word to describe it - MESSY. 2014 is truly the messiest year that I have had in my life. But of course, it's messy in a good way - in the past 10 mths, we got a car, settled all the children schooling, childcare, banking, settled in a church, moved in our place, started new jobs, setting out routine, made new friends, joined small (cell) group, etc.

It really amazed me that how on earth we could do so many things in just 10 months.

Now, my company closes for 3 weeks for Christmas/New Year holiday. Many were shocked that we're closed for so long (not a good sign for business, plus it's forced leaves). But for me, I have been waiting for this break for a really long time. Now, 50% of my holiday has passed, and I feel very much rested, especially mentally. I do not need to wake up early to pack Eunice's lunch box/water bottle/ fruits & snack box, I do not need to rush in and out to fetch children to childcare and rush to work, I do not need to think what to prepare for lunch a day ahead, and I can relax and spend time with my children, driving and bringing them around the suburbs to check out new things or new places, and I can tidy up my messy home after living here for 6 months! I have time to plan out the kids' schooling next year. And the thing that I enjoy the most is, I can spend time with my hubby everyday for 3 weeks!

Though 2014 has been a great year for us, but it's also a sad year. There're three airline disasters in Malaysia in this year alone, the flood in east coast Malaysia, a friend's neighbor whose child used to be Eunice's classmate in Penang passed away, leaving behind her hubby and 2 children who's the same age as mine, and another good friend's nephew passed away.

One thing that I really wish to thank God is that we always have faithful spiritual friends around us wherever we are - in Penang, and now in Melbourne. Their friendship and their sharing have encouraged and helped us a lot in going through this crazy 2014 year.

On the last day of 2014, as I reflect on this year that is going to pass, I thank you God for all the blessing that He has poured unto us, and my prayer is that everyone in my family, and all my friends whom I know will stay healthy and safe in everything that they do.

So, goodbye 2014, and Bring-it-on 2015!

Happy New Year from all of us :)