Sunday, December 31, 2006

My New Baby

It has been a busy month – with Christmas & Birthday all in December, planning of CNY trip next year and etc. Work has also been piling up with new expectation by the year of 2007.

Anyway, I have finally gotten my Oakley as my birthday present. That’s why I was excited. :D.

I have been walking around and around with EG to find a model that fits my face. My typical Asian face gave me a real hard time to find one that fits my face well. Most of the glasses are hanging halfway on my face as my nose bridge is not tall enough, and my face is too small. Besides, I am quite fussy in the design, frames, lenses and color. For the price that we are going to pay, I want it to be all in one - practical + fashionable. I almost gave up but EG kept pasturing me to keep choosing. He’ll keep an eye on all optical shops with Oakley rack and forced me in to try all sorts of models.

Until, finally, EG saw Oakley Dart in Oakley’s website.

So, I, again, went to try at a few places to check out the price and discounts. They’ll always tell you Oakley is a controlled price item and they can only give you 10% discount. Finally, after all the hiccups and all the hoo-ha, we finally went down all the way to Perangin Mall to get Oakley Dart Berry/G40 Black Gradient after work on one fine day, from the same shop where EG got his Splice – his birthday present, hoping that the my Dart has not found its owner yet.

The best thing is, this model comes together with its casing, especially for women. I love the casing to bits, it looks so elegant, although it’s a bit big for me to carry around.

I have been wearing this all around – hoping that it's sunny when I am outdoor. It’s cool. Very solid. Great coverage. Color is very good. I don't get headache anymore when it's sunny. I just can’t wait to wear it for my CNY trip with my family to Shanghai. I shall post more pictures after the trip.

Alright, enough about Oakley. Before the clock ticks 12 midnight today, I wish all my dearest friends a very happy new year. I hope year 2007 will bring good lucks to all of you and may all of you stay healthy, pretty & handsome, and happy always. Muahhh…

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I am excited

I am excited today.

My heart is pounding faster and harder. I can't wait to leave office today. I can't hide my excitement. I am... just excited.

You must be wondering, why?

Is it...
Because holiday is coming? No....
Something good happened? Not really....
I got lottery? Neh.....
EG going to propose? Maybe
next life....
Because my birthday is coming? Hmm... Maybe....

Since young I have trained myself not to have too high expectation on everything as the more you expect, the more disappointment you'll get at the end when things go wrong.

But this time, I hope there won't be any disappointment.

So, you're eager to know why I am excited today?

Hehehe.. Not going to tell you today! *Blek*. :P

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Good Old Days

I was cleaning up my old stuff that I brought with me from KL last weekend. EG was telling me to throw away things if I don’t need them anymore. Well, he always thinks I keep rubbish. *blek*

I was going through my CD folders and the old CDs that I burned in Uni. I saw pieces and pieces of colored CD-Rs with title “My MP3”, “My MP3 (English)” and etc. It brought my mind back to the Uni time.

MMU is a University in the middle of no way that provides LAN and free internet to all their students. For us who stayed in the hostel, we really fully utilized it, and fully enjoyed it – downloaded albums, movies, mp3, and a lot others from the net, or other’s sites. For the guys, they took almost 70% of the bandwidth for LAN games (What else?!). And the most common things that we did was online chatting.

I missed those days, very much indeed.

Few days before, I was helping my friend to type out some proposals for church activities. He commented that I type very fast. I thought it’s very normal. Why? It was because in hostel, we chatted throughout the days and nights. It was our main communication tool to save our phone bills! I remembered my record was 7 yahoo messenger chat boxes on my computer screen at the same time. My fingers just flew over the keyboard and kept typing and typing for the whole night. Not to mention the blinking ICQ icon at the bottom right of the task bar. I even chatted with my lovely roommate even though we’re less than 2m away!! Talking about my piggy roommate, she can type with 2 fingers and she’s faster than anyone else. I wonder if she still types with 2 fingers now. :P

Those were the days. Crazy days.

Those were the days when we woke up, the first thing that we did was to on the computer before we went to the toilet to do the rest. When we’re back from the toilet, the lovely computer would then be loaded with all the messengers like yahoo, ICQ, and everything else online.

We have graduated since Uni for almost 5 years. All the memories still bring a big smile to my face. Those were the days when everything is sweet, and funny. Those were the days where you can find the purest and most sincere friendship.

I remembered how we had the birthday bash for Shizuka at the playground. I still remembered how cruel we were since we know she can’t run (she still can’t!). When all of us were running after her with flour and eggs, she squatted down and said: “Jiu Ming ar… (Help in mandarin)”, but her all good friends showed no mercy and the next thing she knew was, at least 10 eggs and X packets of flour just poured onto her head. Her poor roommates had to help to take out the flour + eggs on her hair for the whole night (till 5am?). She got to wash her hair for 3 times if I am not mistaken. That was the best birthday bash! We also gave her the most unique birthday present – a book of wishing cards. I hope she still kept it.

I remembered Piggy and I always played the MP3 in the room. And we always sing in the room. Then, she’ll always give me a Garfield look (she’s GOOD!) and tell me don’t sing with my 45 degrees eyebrows. That’s just hilarious when I think about it now.

Before we went for the prom night, Papa, Valerie and me had to dance Para-Para Sakura every evening in the room to keep ourselves fit! Me and Papa would also walk around the campus (had no stamina to jog!) to lose some weight. Sometimes the guys drove pass and saw us, they honked loudly at us. And we both will shyly try very hard to hide our faces away from them.

There’re just lots and lots of stories – in Library, in Lecture hall, in Tutorial, during dinner and etc etc. EG and I sometimes just can’t stop talking about it and keep laughing for the whole day esp. when we tried to imitate how other people, such as Soo, acted.

And I wonder if anyone still remembers the Lady in Red story. I found the old emails while browsing my yahoo mailbox. We were discussing on how we’re going for the graduation in Malacca in 2003. I remembered I just laughed out loud when I read the email while I was working in Vietnam even though I was the victim. And guess who wrote that email!

Once a upon a time, in a land called MMU; there was a princess called Winnie. One night she was hungry and had this urge to go eat supper. Usually during weekends in MMU there aren't many people around so she kinda ran out of options.

So happened her good friend Prince Ah Bi who messaged her on Yahoo!; and after some initial ehem** u know crocking :) he asked her out for supper cos he has not eaten dinner and was awfully hungry. What a coincidence. Arrangements were made and Prince AH bi was to pick her up at HB3.

So, our Princess Winnie dresses herself up putting on those little cute red slippers which would guranteee to get attention even though it was in the night. Having done that she walks to the placed agreed upon earlier and waits.

Guess who actually came to meet her; it was EuGeen, Bruce and AH Long. Turns out its was just a prank eg pulled off. Man was the princess furious; well this is an old story that somehow was missed in our numerous storytelling sessions. So this is how the title lady in red was made up. I bet it would've been a really sweet supper session if it was actually Prince Ah bi that picked her up. But thats another story... if I remember which is called Prince Ah bi and Princes Winnie goes to Penang.

ahhh... the wonders of internet chatting. So much for the red slippers

Those were the days! The good old days!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

An Unhappy Happy Person

I wonder how many of my friends actually see me in my unhappy moments. Maybe those that who're really close to me did.

I can be quite emotional, with no reason. Well, that's a girl's privilege.

My mood today is just BAD. Real bad.

I can talk a lot. But when my mood is bad, I'll be very quiet. Just like today, I didn't speak a word to anyone around me. I am just very transparent.

I am drowned by my own expectations. I am stressed. I am feeling helpless. I am frustrated. I am depressed. And I just think everything is not right. Things are not going as what I wanted them to be. *Sigh*.....

Instead of making myself feel even worse, I chose to do nothing but just watch TV. I ate maggie, and egg tart, and chocolate, and whatever things that are unhealthy that I can find to fill my stomach. Then, I feel better.

How stupid, right?

Why? I don't know. Maybe it's PMS. Another girl's excuse to be emotional.

D*mn. I should go sleep now.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

My First Dish in PG

My first cooking in PG! Looks nice right? *Shy* *shy*...

Ok, this is not the official first cooking after I came penang. I did hard boiled eggs, half boiled eggs, or even 3/4 boiled eggs & toast bread for breakfast (Yum Yum). I did mee kolok (means dried mee with soy sauce/pepper/oil) for dinner also. I also did Microwave Potato Chips. *wink*.

I finally officiated the "opening" of the Vision Frying Pan that we bought form Langkawi two months ago. The pan was, sadly, hiding in the kitchen cabinet and probably playing with some lizards.

Comment from EG? As usual, he won't give too much compliment. "Ok la... not bad..." and next he inspected the whole kitchen to check if it's oily after the frying....! Grrrr.....

Oh, by the way, in case you guys can't recognise what the food is... it's just fried eggs with sausages. *wink*.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Realise it or not, we're facing choices in our life, everyday, on everything.

Some said, it's better with more choices - I guess, that applies to shopping malls most of the time. However, when a shopping mall has TOO MANY choices, then all the guys will get headache as they'll need to walk longer with their girlfriends as they'll take longer to choose their dresses/clothes/what-so-ever.

Some of the example of choices that I have made (or still trying to make):
  • To buy Wira or Satria?
  • To stay at USJ or move to Sri Kembangan?
  • To work for money or work for interest?
  • To move to PG or stay in KL?
  • To follow my heart (emotional) or follow my head (rational)?
  • To cut my hair short? Or to keep it long? Straighten it? Or curl it?
  • To go Gua Tempurung and come back with cuts all around or stay in office and just enjoy the air-cond?
  • To always please people around me or just make myself happy?
  • Which country should I go during CNY with my family? China or Taiwan?
  • To be a miser or be fashionable?
  • Which sunglasses worth the $$ the best?
If there's only Mc Donald, I don't even need to choose whether I should go KFC or Pizza Hut. If there's only Guardian, I don't even need to check the price @ Watson as well to make sure I got the best deal. I guess, it doesn't apply to all. Life is never so simple.

Sometimes, we'll take quite some time to make a choice. Reason? Because everyone wants to make sure that they make the right choice with the best deal. Or another word - Kiasu (scared to lose).

For me, I'll just think that more choices just make life harder....

If I give you a choice, will you choose a simple but boring life, or another interesting life with all sorts of complicated things bothering you at all days? Can you choose?

Can you? Can you?


Wednesday, November 29, 2006





还记得去年在太平庆祝生日。前年在Sri Kembangan 庆祝。大前年在越南庆祝。大大前年在Puchong F1庆祝。再之前?不记得了。

不知不觉,5 年了。大学毕业就要 5 年了。中学毕业 10 年了。好快。好可怕。


12 月了。明年我会在那里庆祝生日呢?明年我会变怎样?明年会发生什么事情?太可怕了。

Monday, November 27, 2006

My Tickle IQ Test Report

I was surfing Google for the solution for "ODBC General Error" that appeared in my excel when refreshing a query. And then, a window popped out asking me on some IQ questions, and i clicked on it and started to answer all the classic IQ test in Tickle.

My IQ report (Summarised):

Your IQ score is: 129
You scored 129 on Tickle's IQ test. This means that based on your answers, your IQ score is between 119 and 129. Most people's IQs are between 70 and 130. In fact, 95% of all people have IQs within that range. 68% of people score between 80 and 120..........

Your Intellectual Type Is:
You've got a very experiential way of learning and a strong mathematical mind. You're able to whittle even the most complex situation down to comprehensible component parts. In short, you have mastered the art and science of precision. That's what makes you a Precision Processor. For you, life is a series of equations. Your brain is naturally predisposed to intense mathematical acuity, and your understanding of numerical problems is unparalleled. It's second nature for you to cut to the heart of an issue, so that you can discover quick solutions to problems while others get bogged down in unnecessary details.

Your Intelligence Scales:
Mathematical Intelligence (combined ability to reason and calculate): 90%-100%
Visual-Spatial Percentile (ability to extract a visual pattern): 60% - 70% :(
Linguistic Percentile (include reading, writing & communicating with words): 50%-60% :((
Logical Percentile (ability to think things through): 90%-100%

Hmm... Interesting right? So don't complain that I am calculative, because I am born in this way, to live with numbers... My life is a series of equations.... Hehehehe... *sound so boring... aarrrgghhhh....*

One of the questions in the IQ test:
1. John likes 400 but not 300; he likes 100 but not 99; he likes 3600 but not 3700. Which does he like:
a. 900
b. 1000
c. 1100
d. 1200

A piece of cake for all of you. Right? If you're interested, can always try to go for the full test @ Somehow I remembered you'll need to pay to get the result, but this time, I paid nothing and I get the full 15 pages comprehensive reports. Well, I don't know how accurate it is, but heck, it's free... :P

Give it a try! :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I feel so old......

I am 26 years old this year. To be exact, I am 25 and 10 months and 25 days old as of NOW (as I am writing this).

Still young right? 26 is such a sweet number.... Hmm.... *scratching my head*

I was having dinner with friends, and while talking, we found that we're old already....
1. We have been working for almost 5 years!!! Oh my god.. oh my god.....
2. We cannot sleep late anymore, have to wake up at 8am automatically.
3. If we try to sleep more, you'll get all the backache, waist-ache and whatever ache....
4. We cannot stay up late - must sleep before 12am...

Gossshhh... We're OLD already....

In fact, for me, I realised more things that changed within me all these while...

I can't kena rain anymore. If i do, I'll get headache and slight fever.
My pimples are taking longer (2-3 weeks) to heal compared to uni time (2-3 days!!!).
I fall sick very easily.
If I fall sick, it takes longer to recover (1 week compared to 1-2 days!!)
I have no mood for long hour shopping as I feel tired walking for too long.
I prefer to stay at home doing nothing than go under the sun.
I'll feel dizzy if i walk under the sun for too long (esp. after lunch).
I get headache very easily, so easy that I can get it immediately when i open my eyes if i don't have a good sleep the night before.
I'd love to sit in EG's car compared to my own car as his car is more heavily tinted.
I don't know where to go when I am bored, so I'll rather stay at home and cook "tong soi".
I have no mood at all for clubbings or pubs or beer or any alcohol drinks.

*Cough*, and I am having terrible sore throat now!! Geeeee..... Guess I am facing my quarter-life crisis.... I feel SO OLD......... :(

PS: Ok ok, not so serious la... :).. But I really cannot deny that I can't do things that I used to do when I was in my early 20s... That makes me sad a bit. Hmm......

Monday, November 13, 2006

My Supposed-To-Be Detox Dinner

My dinner last night!!

We were running out of ideas of what to eat out after we did our catering for almost 3 months.... Then we thought we have been eating quite a lot of rubbish for the past few days - Mc Donalds, bakuteh, etc etc... So we decided to have a detox dinner to cleanse our body system!

So we only have honey dew, oranges, tomatoes and cucumber with vinegar and sugar (forgot to take that) and 2 big mugs of fresh soya for our meal. NIce or not ar? Ah well... after a while you'll feel bloated for it. So we were thinking that these fruits might not be filling enough for us. So we decided to make our HOME-MADE MICROWAVE PATATO CHIPS!!!!

Looks good isn't it?? We did some trial and error and finally the result is NOT BAD... We didn't have the correct utensils to slice the potato chips thin enough, so some are not as crispy, but it really tasted quite good. Interested? Hehehehe... Ask me for the recipe. It's superbly easy!!

I know, the next question that you guys will ask next is sure..... can tahan meh? Ah well, we boiled another 2 sausages around 10+pm because EG felt hungry and I just couldn't stand the temptation... -_-"....

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My First Year Anniversary

It was my first year anniversary working in PG yesterday! I can't believe it. Time flies. My colleagues were congratulating me on "completing 1 year working" here... sound like a big task right? :)

In my 4 years of working, I have never owned my own cube before, until when I move to PG. My previous jobs requires me to move around - either I was working in offsite for development/deployment or I was loaned to other companies as a third party vendor.

Until now, let me proudly present you my cube!! :).... I am a very messy person and my cube was always been messy with all the papers/files around. But I just added some of new members to my cube and hence now it is kinda tidy than usual.

Things on my cube
1, Flower from EG - drying up already
2. Tortoise on my laptop docker - got it from Fenny in KL I think
3. Tissue box
4. Crabtree & Evelyn body lotion - for my delicate hands after doing my washing
5. Sebamed Lip Balm - for my always-cracked lips
6. Some leaflet with very cute face gotten from Perangin Mall
7. Key Chains - sourvenirs from colleagues from Sabah and Thai
8. Holder for all my pens, stapler, scissors, etc....
9. Calendar - with all important dates circled, such as pay date....
10. Peanut butter - for my breakfast with bread
11. Letter holder - but I used it to hold the 3-in-1 drink given for free for breakfast
12. Piggy note holder from Parkson
13. A recognition plaque gotten early this year
14. PENGUIN - got it from my Auntie when we visited Philip Island in Aus
15. Bear Bear that came together with the flower from EG
16. Piggy mousepad
17. Some notes sticking on my top cabinet for my quick reference

A typical girl's cube right? With all the soft toys and useless things sticking all around. *shy*... But well it helps me to feel "homey" and gives me more motivation to work. Hopefully I can complete the 2nd year here!!!!! Wish me best!!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


I saw this movie in TVB website for quite some times, and read about their good comments also. During Raya holiday 6 days break, I found the DVD at EG's place and started watching it.

The series describes the love stories of the main actress and actor (佘诗曼 and 马德钟) in 4 different generations, i.e. 1900, 1954, 1975 and finally 21st century. The show consists of 30 episodes, which is quite long, I thought.

When I was watching the first two generations, I almost wanted to kill myself as the story was bitter, very sad and very long winded. In the first generation, both of them were in love but she had to marry another shitty guy in order to save her father's business (same old stories). So, in the movie, she loves him, he loves her, and their loves were only conveyed to each other through their eyes when they look into each other. She had a daughter in the end (of course it's with her real husband) and both of them died together in some accident.... Haih.....

The 2nd generation, the daughter (acted by 佘诗曼 also) was a student and the guy (acted by 马德钟) was the teacher. It's the era when chinese were fighting against the japanese or the other invaders to China. And it's also the era when the younger generations were fighting for freedom in love, rather than letting the parents to decide. So how? Run away lo... and long stories in between where they were working hard for money and bla bla bla bla bla.... Finally they got seperated again because the guy joined some secret community to fight againt the japs and left the wife and their daughter in China... and then somehow the wife, the daughter and the granddaughter moved to Hong Kong.

I almost gave up when i finally finished the 2nd generation. However, if you know me, I won't give up so easily so I went on!

When it comes to the 3rd generation, things started to get interesting. This is the generation where guys are super ego, and girls are expected to only be the housewife and be very obedient. Conflicts happen when the wife, again the same actress, went out to work and become her husband's, the same actor, boss. This generation is very funny. The way they talked as well as the way they walked can burst me into laughter. EG is watching it with me every night as he's addicted with this generation and immitated the way the guys talk every night. It's irritating but it's really funny!

I still have almost 10 episodes to go to finish the show but, as usual, I have read the sypnopsis for the whole drama so I know what's going to happen in the end... Hehehehe...

Anyway, this is a real interesting drama showing the main difference between the 4 different generations, and how all our mind has actually "evolved". If you have time to stick to the TV, do give this series a try!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Funny Conversation In Office

It's lunch time.

I picked up a call. Stood up. Took off my jacket, put my handphone into my pockets, took my wallet from my drawer.

KW: Hey, going out to eat with your BF again?
Me: Yeah....
KW: Your BF doesn't go lunch with his colleagues one ar...?
Me: Erm.. he has to see me every 6 hours... *trying to be cheeky*
KW: You BF thinks you're his medicine is it...? Every 6 hours must take medicine.....
KS + CC: *Laughing their asses off*....
Me: -_-"..... Byebye... :P

What a great place to work!! :)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Post Trip... Audit (?)

In my Langkawi trip, we kept all our receipts and entrance tickets. Not for any memory purpose, but for AUDIT!!!

We did an audit after the Langkawi Trip - to check on our total we have spent in the trip.

We even drew a pie chart for the total expenses that we spent in Langkawi.

(I am not good in playing with graphics in Blog, and I have no idea why the pics is so small.. anyway you can click on it to see a bigger chart. :P)

We actually spent 56% of the total expenses on SHOPPING!! Oh my gosh.. Followed by the logistic (car, petrol, tolls, ferry fares, etc). And pathetically we only spent 5% in our food. Well, both of us don't really eat much and our breakfast was FILLING enough for us to have light lunch.

You must be wondering, what the heck did we buy in Langkawi?! Hehehehe....

To make the story short (everyone knows I can be long winded in telling stories...), below are the few things that we got from Langkawi:

  • Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio - Men's perfume
  • Issey Miyake Limited Edition 2006 (I LOVE IT) - Women's perfume (very good deal, 100ml for less than RM200, some more limited edition..... )
  • Dom - RM75 compare to RM92 outside Langkawi
  • Chocolates - Of course!!
  • 2 cute handphone bags
  • Billabong wallet for brother
  • Sembonia leather wallet (for myself)

And last but not least

I know I know, most probably you'll be thinking why the hell we bought a FRYING PAN from Langkawi. Well... it's really cheaper there and my dear has an obsession for nice looking kitchen ware. I even suggested him to sleep with the pan since he loves it so much. *wink*. Anyway, the pan looks really nice as it's made of glass. Heavy, but looks elegant! I think I might use only when I am ready to cook, probably after 3-5 years? Hehehehe....

Also, after my trip, I also had more pimples - I FORGOT TO PUT SUNBLOCK ON MY FACE!!!!! My face was dry with small little irritating zits, and old + new pigmentation all floating up!! It freaked me out for a week until my lovely dearest Jourdeness saved it last week. *Phew*

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Trip to Langkawi

After shouting for holidays for months.. finally my trip to Langkawi came true.

Yippiieee yay yay yippiiieee yipppiiiieee yayy........ :D

This isn't the first time me going to Langkawi... I've been there with my bunch of great friends when we visited Jitra. We had a lot of fun there too... and we just couldn't stop talking about the trip for at least a week! I used to think that you'll need to go vacation with a group of friends then only it'll be fun.

Well, this trip proved me wrong!

This trip has been superbly fantastic even though only two of us went together. I have been looking over and over at the ~240 pics (yeah, 240 pics in 3 days 2 nights) we took and just can't stop grinning from ear to ear when i recalled what really happened there. The jokes, the funny faces, hilarious things that we have done, etc etc.
All the pictures in that trip look just FANTASTIC. Well, i can't deny that I had a real good photographer (maybe the camera is good too.. hehehe...).

I guess when someone is really happy, all the pictures will look good. I still can't get bored of the photos even though i have been looking at them for almost 20 times. They're just... TOO NICE....

Below are some of the great scenaries taken...

Again, I thank God for

  1. the bestest weather during the trip - no haze, no rain, bright and sunny! Too good to be true!
  2. the great little kancil that we rented - quite nice to drive... REALLY!
  3. the marvellous resort that we stayed - researched through internet, turned out real good! Good breakfast, and great beaches!
  4. the great sunset that we almost missed
  5. my fast learning skills in reading map (kekeke) - managed to go all the places of interest that we intended
  6. all the shoppings (chocs, perfumes, wallet, FRYING PAN) that we did - with the greatest deal in the whole island!!
  7. all the great time that we had...

It's the greatest-est trip that i had ever had.

I guess, it all matters who you're going with. *wink*... Hehehehe...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Holiday... I Need....

Wow.. It has been a month since i last posted about the two Cancerian boys... Well, I doubt if a lot of people actually read my blog... Hehehe.... -_-"

I have been extremely busy since end of Q3, i.e. from September onwards. I was literally forced to upgrade few applications, including a mission critical one, in a short period of time.

There're just too many processes here. As I alwasy say, we disagree, but we have to commit. Sigh...

After I attended a local training in Mid September, I was back to office with tonnes of work listed in my to-do list. For every changes that you do to the production system, you'll need to go through two rounds of presentation to a trying-to-be-smart advisory board, where there are a lot of thought-they-are-very-smart people in there to question you a lot a lot of questions regarding your upgrade. Well, I cannot deny that this "stoobig" board serves their purposes, but it's making our lives harder as soemtimes they're asking too many questions. At the end of the day, we're just the executor. This is our worst nightmare.

For the past two weeks, I have been preparing the presentation documents / slides for those upgrades, performing testing to all the scripts, calibrate resources for implementation, providing training, drafted out escalation processes, get buy-off from stakeholders, attend meetings, try to please every counterparts from India, Cavite, US, etc etc... I am glad that even after all the bombings and questions from the board, my upgrades are still being approved, and I thank God that the implementation was successful, with no issue.

It might sound very easy here, but it's really hard to explain it in words on how all these causes nightmares in my sleep. I tend to sleep a lot when I am stress, so I have been sleeping 8-9 hours everyday.

I am getting tired of the processes in my work. The job is OK, it's challenging and interesting, but the process tires everybody. Anyway, after working for 4 years+, I know it's just another life cycle of the working life. Everyone gets demotivated after a while. Just like today, I am writing my blog in the office now (I hope my boss will never read my blog) because I am really exhausted after rushing for the past few days. I don't feel like doing anything now. I need to go for a HOLIDAY!! And I am going to LANGKAWI!! Well, I know it might not sound great, but still I really need a BREAK for me to move on... I still have 3 more system to upgrade after I come back next week, and the process repeats.... -_-"

It has been raining these days, I am praying hard that the weather will be good this weekend when I am in Langkawi!

Anyway, Happy MoonCake Festival to all of you!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006









Friday, September 01, 2006

Curly Hair....

I curled my hair few weeks ago.

Ya i finally did after talking for so long! (and after so many warnings.. i still did). The hair stylist was good in persuading me. Well, she did sound very sincere when she was telling me all the good things about curly hair, and she managed to convinced me and make me "don't like" my straight hair even more. So i curled my hair. And on that day, i liked it. It makes me look like a jap, those kawaii one.

After that, nightmare started. For the first week, I'll run to toilet every 1 hour to check if my hair is still curly. When i got into my car, the first thing i asked is if my hair is still curly... After i reached home, the first question i asked is whether my hair became straight... And until when i was sleeping, i dreamt that my hair wasn't CURL anymore... Oh my god....

Then, I started to think that maybe the hair styling cream was not good enough to make my hair curl. I called my full-of-curly-hair-experience piggy in KL, and told her everything. She was SO understanding on my situation, and she told me all her advise and I realised i did the wrong thing by washing my hair on the very next day* after I curled my hair. I felt so regret!!

On that night itself, i went to walk around BJ to find the styling cream piggy recommended, but to no avail. :( ... There's no SHINS or SASA in PG... Finally, I managed to know another shop in PG called Beauty Impact, with the product called TIGI CURLS ROCK. And i bought the styling cream, despite the fact that it's quite pricey for blurdy 100ml. But what the heck... i want my hair to curl....

So i have been using this TIGI Curls Rock for around 2 weeks, and i am quite satisfied with it. Well, my curls DO ROCK now! Not sure if it's due to psychology, or i am just getting tired. Maybe the mirror has finally convinced myself that my hair is actually curled. Actually, the first styling cream wasn't too bad.

Last week, when i was going home, i met my friend from Philipines while going to get my car. Out of the sudden, she saw my hair, and said.. Hey Nice Hair.... I wish i could have that too!... The sky brightens up, the day seems so beautiful suddenly... as i always think that Philipines are the most sincere in giving their comments!

The happiest fella will be the cat at home, his first response was "FINALLY...." as he doesn't need to assure me ANYMORE!

*PS: The hair stylist did say i can wash my hair on the next day, no problem!

As per requested, my hair pics... :D

Friday, August 25, 2006


4 years ago, one of my uni mates sent us an email to ask us to create a Friendster account to keep all of us connected. I did.

I am not sure how often do most of the users in Friendster actually browse through their friend's profile in Friendster. I browse it rather often. I really think that this "tool" is very useful in updating ourselves with friends' statuses in such a busy era when everyone is busy with work.

I can browse Friendster for hours. I can see my friend's status, and link to my friend's friend, and the list goes on and on. I can also discover interesting things from Friendster, for e.g., "OH... she is married..."... "Ohh... he has a new girlfriend... then what happened to his ex-gf?"... then I'll browse to the ex-gf profile and see... "Oohh... she is......" etc etc... I can find out most of the things about my friends from Friendster, changing hairstyle, travelled somewhere recently, bought a new car, and so on so on. Well, some might say I am just busy body to do this, but it makes me feel close to my friends in my heart, esp. my good friends that I don't have chance to chat with / meet up often.

But anyway, I think my sister is even more pro in Friendster. She can even find out someone's partner from the Friendster by reading the testimonial, or looking at other pictures! Bravo!!

Isn't it interesting? Hehehehe... I love it. When I am stress or tired, I'd just browse to Friendster and start my "hunting"... Sometimes, I can even find a long lost friend from different connection. The idea is just cool!

Friday, July 21, 2006








Thursday, July 20, 2006


18/7/2006, 收到一束花,里头还藏着一只很可爱的bear bear。意外。隐约猜到是他。卡上写着Guess who? From, S.C.。陌生的字体,让我迟疑了一阵。送花的阿姨看到我那充满疑惑的脸,暗暗在偷笑,就走了。


1。100% 问:今天你生日吗? 答:No.
2。10% 问:拍拖纪念日吗?答:No.
3。3% 问:求婚吗?答:No.




Wednesday, June 21, 2006

心情 vs 天气





Thursday, June 15, 2006

Behind the Name

I was looking for some ice breaker games, and i accidentally discovered this interesting page that tells you the history of your name:

I was very surprise to see the "definition" of my name:

Gender: Feminine
Pronounced: WIN-ee
Pet form of
WINIFRED. Winnie-the-Pooh, a stuffed bear in the children's book by A. A. Milne, was named after a real bear named Winnipeg who lived at the London Zoo.

I can't believe that I am actually a bear! More information regarding how the name "Winnie" came about can be found here:

I wonder why my mum gave me this name. I hope I wasn't too fat when I was born. Hmm... But anyway it's interesting. Try and find out more about your name! *wink*

Wednesday, May 24, 2006



十年后,我在一间小小的公司industrial training。刚刚开始做工的时候,觉得非常的不习惯。尤其当老板没给工作的时候,真的闷得发慌。有时,就走进厕所,门关上,坐在马桶上,闭上眼睛,偷偷和周公约会。十分钟后才出来继续发慌。



Monday, May 15, 2006


看过朋友写过的一句话:谁说的人一定要快乐,好像快乐由得人选。 是歌词吗?觉得是一句让人深思的话。


回想以前,自己何尝不是这样想?记得我可以和我最好的朋友抱怨天南地北- 从工作,生活,情人,一切一切我都能抱怨个不停。日子久了,发现不管我怎么抱怨,一切还是一样。久而久之,慢慢地接受了自己身旁的一切。一天,幕然回首,发现自己其实很幸运拥有现在所有的一切,开始觉得感恩。



Monday, May 08, 2006


Went to Manila Philippines in April 2006 to attend a training. The experience was a pleasant one except it was tiring due to the heavy traffic and long distance there.

Hotel provided newspaper everyday and this is the coolest advertisement that is so different from our country. Imagine free 15-piece KFC Big Bucket Meal when you apply for HSBC Credit Card! How bizarre....

Will you apply? *wink*....

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I miss all of you!

Have been in Penang for almost 6 months. A lot of friends asking me how I am doing here.

Truthly speaking, I think I prefer Penang more than KL. Traffic is lesser, places are nearer, food is cheaper, etc etc. Shopping in Penang is not as good as KL, but I am getting used to it as I don't really shop. However, I really miss my dearest zi muis and my CDC gang in KL. Besides, I also miss my family a lot since I am now even much further away from them. These are the main things that I have been missing all these while.

I was browsing through some of the old pics that I have in this laptop. Looking at those pics make me miss them even more. Always think that Friends are valuable in our lives, esp when we have been through so much together. I miss the hang out at cafes till late night, the gossiping sessions before sleep, the ghost movie sessions, the eating sessions, the karaoke sessions, etc etc.

Anyway, C'est La Vie! Like a friend said, life is like a flow of river stream. There's no where that we can cling on for forever. Everyone has to move on for their future, for their planning, for a better ones. Sometimes I still feel sad thinking back about all the good times that we had. I hope one day I can get over it, but friends, if you're reading this, you know I am talking about you and I can tell you, I really miss you a lot. I know all of us are busy at work, but please do drop me a mail so that we still know all our whereabouts.

Muaks.. All the best to my zi muis, my ex-housemates and my CDC gang. I really really miss you guys.....

About ME!

I like to relate myself to the pooh bear, especially when we're having the same name. I also like to call myself penguin, as someone said before I used to walk like a penguin, but I believe I have improved a lot in this aspect.

From the usual comments around me, friends have been knowing me as the happy go lucky kind of person. I guess this is the profile that I portrait to the others. I like to laugh, I believe it's a good way to release stress. Also, I like to talk a lot. I can tell people all about me, from the stories when I was born, until the stories of my youngest brother, cousins, nephews and nieces. Friends used to ask me before if I ever get angry, of course I do. But I think no one will want to come near me when I am really angry. *blush*. I like to be transparent to the others, and yet, there's some hidden things about me that I wouldn't want anyone to know about it.

Looks can be deceiving, so come and know me more before you conclude anything about me. *wink*...