Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Recently, working life is so stressful. Not only I have to deal with work, but also have to deal with difficult people. Standard working life in a MNC I guess.

I have been trying so hard to release stress. Being a very kiam siap person, shopping therapy won't work on me (I tried!). It makes me more stressful because looking at the low liquidity in the bank makes me feel that I need to work more to get more moolah. Doh....

Before I have Eunice, I'll go for facial / my monthly back massage for relaxation. I also used to sleep through the whole weekend or just lie down in front of the TV with my blank mind. To at least "empty" my brain for some moment before stressing myself out with all the work stuff & emails. I even tried to skip meeting for one whole week in my previous company just to "free" myself off all the projects / updates / meetings. All those worked well.

But now, all those are luxuries for me. Even going facial also I need to take time off. During weekend, I'll be busy cooking for Eunice, and feeding her every 3 hourly, not to mention some time spent on expressing breast milk, bathing her, changing her diaper, soothe her when she fuss, sleep her, clean her mess after food, laundry, washing / sterilizing her bottles. Taking a nap is also a luxury now. When she naps, I'll surf my internet, watch some TV, do some housework, cook some dishes.

So, how to I release stress now? I just found a way to release my stress. I EAT! :P.. Since now it doesn't seem that I'm putting on weight even though I'm eating like a cow, I EAT whenever I feel stress. And it also helps to increase my milk supply. One stone two birds.

Today, I had a kuey teow soup for breaskfast, lunch @ Old Town with some BBQ chicken rice + 7 Up float. I came back for a meeting, then got stress out again. And off I went to the cafe and bought a piece of benggali french toast + a piece of butter cake for my tea time. And yong tau fu dinner after 3 hours.

And guess what, I've been doing that for the past few days. When I'm stress out, I find anything that I can eat in my cube, or go cafe and buy all the pastries.

I don't really like to talk about work with EG these days after work as everytime I talk about it, I get really down and by telling him what happened makes me worry sick and get more stress out.

But whenever I pick my cutie pie up from babysitter, her smile will straight away brighten my day. :)

Look at my cutie pie! She just makes me forget every lousy thing that happens in the day, and give me the motivation & courage to face the new challenges each day. :)

To EG: Sorry, you are demoted now. :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Good Day Out

Nowadays, it's a challenge to find time to blog, esp. when I'm terribly busy with office work, sometimes I still need to work before sleep... argh!

Anyway, I wanted to post this blog entry for very long already but didn't get to have the time until now. :)...

On Deepavali weekend, my parents in law came to Penang to visit us and their grand daughter. Going back Taiping is always hard for us so they come and visit. :)... And it was also my father in law's birthday so we have decided to go Gurney for a nice meal, and have some shopping.

They reached Penang around 12pm, and it's just nice as Eunice had her nap & porridge lunch. While we're on the way there, she slept in the car some more so I'm kinda relieved as having enough nap will make sure she's not cranky.

We had our lunch at a restaurant called Xiao Nan Guo. I wanted to try The Loft but it's already gone... Anyway, this restaurant's food is good too. ANd while we're waiting for our meal, I fed Eunice with her snack (banana + avocado) so she continues to be a happy gir. :)

Look at the cheeky girl

Parents in law while waiting for food

The recommended meal - Braised Pork Leg (or it is pork hand?)

The curry is good, stir fried brinjals is good too...

See a familiar duck there? That's Eunice's toy to keep her occupied :P

They always say men have a soft spot for their daughters, so as grandpa i think

After the lunch, we continued to shop in Gurney for another 2 hours. Eunice was an angel that day. No cranky, no crying. She just sat in her stroller and quietly observing around, occasionally make some excited noise when she saw us or when we played with her. We could even go to Cold Storage to do some light grocery shopping!

When we came back, the little girl was already exhausted and fussed a bit in the car but later on dozed off again in her car seat. :)... As long as she sleeps, both her mummy & daddy are happy.
In the end, our damages on that day:
Daddy's new toy from Denki Best

Mummy's new magazines from Popular

And we bought this from Cold Storage.
Pricey, but very nice!
It has been such a long time since we could do shopping with the little one. :). She used to fuss and cry and demand to be held when she's smaller. But now we're very happy that she can stay in her stroller while we do our shopping. Both EG and I really enjoyed the short day out. :)