Wednesday, April 15, 2009


There is an Arm that never tires
When human strength gives way;
There is a Love that never fails
When earthly loves decay.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bear & Cat Talk

Life has been very busy and stressful. Bear & Cat now work in the same company so they take heavy breakfast at cafe sometimes together, and will skip lunch and use lunch time to sort out things.

Last week after office hour
Bear & Cat skipped lunch.
Bear: Cat, are you hungry?
Cat: Not really. I ate something during tea time.
Bear: Really?! Why never call me...
Cat: Err... I just went down to grab a piece cake.
Bear: =.=
Cat: But I was sceptical and checking out if the Bear is in the cafe too.. I look see look see no bear, faster buy something and run back to my cube. **LOL**

Yesterday Lunch Time
Cat: Today I'm very full. Let's skip lunch.
Bear: OK.
Cat: Are u hungry?
Bear: A bit, but I think still OK la.
Cat: Maybe later we go eat tea time la.
Bear: See la, if I'm busy.

After work
Bear: Cat, did u take tea time?
Cat: Ya I did.
Bear: Really?! Why never call me? What did u eat?
Cat: Err.... I ate the blue pulut with Kaya.
Bear: Why never call me!! I iz hungwee.....
Cat: Err... Actually hor... I got something else to tell u... actually hor... After we came back just now, I went to cafe and wanted to grab something. Then I see still got fried rice, so I tapao fried rice with some omelette.
Bear: HUH... HOW COULD YOU?! And you never call me..?!
Cat: *laughing all the way*.. I tot u said u are not hungry... I never thought they have left over fried rice (explaining, explaining)
Bear: HMPH! And now I am very hungry now. I am going to cook a lot tonight. I'll do an egg for myself.
Cat: Bear U are so funny! Oh, Egg again? This week we ate quite a bit of eggs.
Bear: I never say I wanna cook for u.. You got omelette already during lunch.
Cat: Huh......?!.... Please.......
Bear: NO WAY! :P