Friday, August 28, 2009

Mum A-Like

Some said before you marry a girl, make sure you check-out her mother first. Because very likely that the girl will behave similar, or look similar like her mother when she grows old.

My age number is going to change its first digit soon in another year. And I slowly discovered that I'm behaving more and more like my mum.

Case 1:
While EG was packing to go US last month...
Me: "Please make sure you buy a gallon of distilled water from the grocery shop when you touch down - I heard ppl say about the water in US when I was in Phoenix last time but not sure of your area but better be safe than sorry. Then, go buy phone card to call home and don't use your handphone to call, it's going to cost you a bomb. And for the breakfast, if you feel jelak with their food, they normally will serve fruits for breakfast as per my experience. On the plane, remember to make sure you check your time and adjust your sleeping time so that you won't have so much jetlag. And remember when you're coming back don't wear so much belt or any metal thing that will make the sensor rings to save any hassle being questioned. And remember to be careful with your spending as the price numbers there look so small, USD10 seems like nothing but after tax it'll cost u about RM40++... Watch out your expenses, don't overspend. And remember to put some cream on your hands / face so that you don't get flaky skin - the weather there is dry... And remember to take ur vitamin C, and bla bla bla bla bla .... " i can go on for another 10 minutes....
EG: "Hehehehe... I can imagine how you nag your children next time......"
And suddenly I realised, that's how my mum talked to me whenever I'm traveling last time. =.=

Case 2:
EG said our new place really looks like a home because there are clothes (clean or worn) scattering on the sofa or everywhere. I tried to tidy up the living area and make it clean & tidy but just can't. And I have been complaining that the kitchen counter is never clean and there are forever so many things on the kitchen counter and dining table.
And suddenly I remembered: My mum always complained saying that our house can never be clean & tidy when we were young. There are things everywhere in the house always!

Case 3:
It has been raining like cats & dogs (or quote from a friend - cows & horses!! Imagine how heavy the downpour is) in Penang and I can't do my laundry!! :( ... I like the sunny smell after the clothes are dried under the hot sun but now I only get the damp smell. :(. And I was complaining again.
And suddenly it reminded me: My mum used to complain that during rainy season that her clothes can never be dried and I was feeling nothing as I thought it's so nice to sleeep.

Case 4:
I have been cooking quite a bit, and very hardworking in housework ever since we moved to the new place. And so, my hands are having some new scars / marks that's caused by frying oil, hot iron, cutting knife. :P
And one day, EG told me: Your hands & arms are looking more and more like your mum's.

When I was young, I always didn't understand why my mum did things or said things certain ways. But when I grow older, then only I understand how hard her works were last time. Guess it takes time to realize and to appreciate.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Days when you're not around

I have not been blogging for long, due to many reasons - I sleep latest by 11pm everyday, too many tv programs that get my attention, lazy to use EG's computer in the study room since I have no laptop now and I prefer to blog & watch tv at the same time (:D)...

Another main reason was because EG was on business trip for 3 weeks since Mid July all the way till August. A friend reminded me that I shouldn't be posting this much in internet for security purpose since I'm all alone, a little small size girl, in the house all by myself. So I abide. =)... And then, I have nothing much to blog about since I'm just going work, watched tv, cooked for myself, sleep at 11pm.

It must be very obvious that we have been sticking together always. When he's away, almost everywhere I go, be it in church or office, ppl will be asking me - "Eh, how come alone? Where's your hubby?". I wonder if that's a good thing actually. Church friends are being tactful too by inviting me out for lunches or dinners since they know my usual lunch / dinner mate is always my hubby..

During my previous job, I used to travel more. And being an extrovert person, I have no problem travelling, be it with friends or alone. But, in my current job, my boss told me clearly that there's no travelling opportunity and I have no complain because I thought as a woman, it's now time to settle down and concentrate in what a wife or a future mum should do - just like my mum (ya, ya, u can say I'm old fashioned but I do think & agree that that's a woman's job :P).

Having EG leaving me for 3 weeks, or to be exact, 23.5 days - this is a total new experience for me. I was happy that he finally could travel and see the other side of the world, but was also sad that I'm going to be all alone when he's away. He must be feeling the same when I travelled last time.

EG used to say that he doesn't need a tv when I'm at home as I'll talk and talk and talk and talk and make him laugh most of the times. And he'll be disturbing me or cracking some stupid jokes when we're together and we always enjoy each other's company. When he was away, when I reached home, there's no one cracking stupid jokes. I drove to work myself with the radio on, watched tv but with no one to share when there's new funny advertisement or new trailer on anything, cooked for myself but with no one to enjoy the food together, did my own dishes & cleaned the kitchen myself with no one telling me what happened in the day. Everything in the house was quiet - except with the noise from TV. Timezone difference made it even harder for us to talk on the phone. When I'm sleeping, he's working and vice versa.

I have been planning many things to make sure my days passed faster. And finally my dear came back safely after 3 weeks. Though many warned me about H1N1 in airport but heck, I'm more excited that my hubby is finally back. =)... But I did pray before I entered the airport. Hehe...

The 3 weeks separation actually made me realised that how much I enjoy EG's company. Though sometimes we fight and argue but his company couldn't be replaced by any other things. I remember during our pre-marital counselling in church, my pastor asked us what's the main reason that we want to get married and both of us had the same answers - to have each other's companionship. =)

Now that EG is back, we tend to appreciate each other's company now more and often telling each other how bad life is without each other by our side. Hopefully this can last longer before our usual fight & argument start again. :P