Friday, October 20, 2006

Funny Conversation In Office

It's lunch time.

I picked up a call. Stood up. Took off my jacket, put my handphone into my pockets, took my wallet from my drawer.

KW: Hey, going out to eat with your BF again?
Me: Yeah....
KW: Your BF doesn't go lunch with his colleagues one ar...?
Me: Erm.. he has to see me every 6 hours... *trying to be cheeky*
KW: You BF thinks you're his medicine is it...? Every 6 hours must take medicine.....
KS + CC: *Laughing their asses off*....
Me: -_-"..... Byebye... :P

What a great place to work!! :)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Post Trip... Audit (?)

In my Langkawi trip, we kept all our receipts and entrance tickets. Not for any memory purpose, but for AUDIT!!!

We did an audit after the Langkawi Trip - to check on our total we have spent in the trip.

We even drew a pie chart for the total expenses that we spent in Langkawi.

(I am not good in playing with graphics in Blog, and I have no idea why the pics is so small.. anyway you can click on it to see a bigger chart. :P)

We actually spent 56% of the total expenses on SHOPPING!! Oh my gosh.. Followed by the logistic (car, petrol, tolls, ferry fares, etc). And pathetically we only spent 5% in our food. Well, both of us don't really eat much and our breakfast was FILLING enough for us to have light lunch.

You must be wondering, what the heck did we buy in Langkawi?! Hehehehe....

To make the story short (everyone knows I can be long winded in telling stories...), below are the few things that we got from Langkawi:

  • Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio - Men's perfume
  • Issey Miyake Limited Edition 2006 (I LOVE IT) - Women's perfume (very good deal, 100ml for less than RM200, some more limited edition..... )
  • Dom - RM75 compare to RM92 outside Langkawi
  • Chocolates - Of course!!
  • 2 cute handphone bags
  • Billabong wallet for brother
  • Sembonia leather wallet (for myself)

And last but not least

I know I know, most probably you'll be thinking why the hell we bought a FRYING PAN from Langkawi. Well... it's really cheaper there and my dear has an obsession for nice looking kitchen ware. I even suggested him to sleep with the pan since he loves it so much. *wink*. Anyway, the pan looks really nice as it's made of glass. Heavy, but looks elegant! I think I might use only when I am ready to cook, probably after 3-5 years? Hehehehe....

Also, after my trip, I also had more pimples - I FORGOT TO PUT SUNBLOCK ON MY FACE!!!!! My face was dry with small little irritating zits, and old + new pigmentation all floating up!! It freaked me out for a week until my lovely dearest Jourdeness saved it last week. *Phew*

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Trip to Langkawi

After shouting for holidays for months.. finally my trip to Langkawi came true.

Yippiieee yay yay yippiiieee yipppiiiieee yayy........ :D

This isn't the first time me going to Langkawi... I've been there with my bunch of great friends when we visited Jitra. We had a lot of fun there too... and we just couldn't stop talking about the trip for at least a week! I used to think that you'll need to go vacation with a group of friends then only it'll be fun.

Well, this trip proved me wrong!

This trip has been superbly fantastic even though only two of us went together. I have been looking over and over at the ~240 pics (yeah, 240 pics in 3 days 2 nights) we took and just can't stop grinning from ear to ear when i recalled what really happened there. The jokes, the funny faces, hilarious things that we have done, etc etc.
All the pictures in that trip look just FANTASTIC. Well, i can't deny that I had a real good photographer (maybe the camera is good too.. hehehe...).

I guess when someone is really happy, all the pictures will look good. I still can't get bored of the photos even though i have been looking at them for almost 20 times. They're just... TOO NICE....

Below are some of the great scenaries taken...

Again, I thank God for

  1. the bestest weather during the trip - no haze, no rain, bright and sunny! Too good to be true!
  2. the great little kancil that we rented - quite nice to drive... REALLY!
  3. the marvellous resort that we stayed - researched through internet, turned out real good! Good breakfast, and great beaches!
  4. the great sunset that we almost missed
  5. my fast learning skills in reading map (kekeke) - managed to go all the places of interest that we intended
  6. all the shoppings (chocs, perfumes, wallet, FRYING PAN) that we did - with the greatest deal in the whole island!!
  7. all the great time that we had...

It's the greatest-est trip that i had ever had.

I guess, it all matters who you're going with. *wink*... Hehehehe...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Holiday... I Need....

Wow.. It has been a month since i last posted about the two Cancerian boys... Well, I doubt if a lot of people actually read my blog... Hehehe.... -_-"

I have been extremely busy since end of Q3, i.e. from September onwards. I was literally forced to upgrade few applications, including a mission critical one, in a short period of time.

There're just too many processes here. As I alwasy say, we disagree, but we have to commit. Sigh...

After I attended a local training in Mid September, I was back to office with tonnes of work listed in my to-do list. For every changes that you do to the production system, you'll need to go through two rounds of presentation to a trying-to-be-smart advisory board, where there are a lot of thought-they-are-very-smart people in there to question you a lot a lot of questions regarding your upgrade. Well, I cannot deny that this "stoobig" board serves their purposes, but it's making our lives harder as soemtimes they're asking too many questions. At the end of the day, we're just the executor. This is our worst nightmare.

For the past two weeks, I have been preparing the presentation documents / slides for those upgrades, performing testing to all the scripts, calibrate resources for implementation, providing training, drafted out escalation processes, get buy-off from stakeholders, attend meetings, try to please every counterparts from India, Cavite, US, etc etc... I am glad that even after all the bombings and questions from the board, my upgrades are still being approved, and I thank God that the implementation was successful, with no issue.

It might sound very easy here, but it's really hard to explain it in words on how all these causes nightmares in my sleep. I tend to sleep a lot when I am stress, so I have been sleeping 8-9 hours everyday.

I am getting tired of the processes in my work. The job is OK, it's challenging and interesting, but the process tires everybody. Anyway, after working for 4 years+, I know it's just another life cycle of the working life. Everyone gets demotivated after a while. Just like today, I am writing my blog in the office now (I hope my boss will never read my blog) because I am really exhausted after rushing for the past few days. I don't feel like doing anything now. I need to go for a HOLIDAY!! And I am going to LANGKAWI!! Well, I know it might not sound great, but still I really need a BREAK for me to move on... I still have 3 more system to upgrade after I come back next week, and the process repeats.... -_-"

It has been raining these days, I am praying hard that the weather will be good this weekend when I am in Langkawi!

Anyway, Happy MoonCake Festival to all of you!