Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Life Lesson

Someone bang my car.

Yeap. You heard it right.

Someone bang my car.

Of course it's not our fault. It's very obvious that it's not our fault. The lady driver went into our lane and bang right into my car. My poor potato car. Baby Eunice was in the car with us as we're going to bring her for some checkup on her running nose. Thank God EG has already stopped the car, and Eunice's car seat is back facing so there's no impact on her.

EG already saw the blur lady driver. Honked her. Stopped the car. But she still came all the way straight into my car. Signal light broke. Head light broke. Bonnet knocked. Bumper knocked. Driver side door cannot open. Eunice cried after 5 minutes because car didn't move. Took her out from car seat to soothe her. Called babysitter (since near her house) and got her to send Eunice back to her place.

The sotong lady driver lifted her hand to me while I'm holding Eunice in the car - I guess she's trying to apologize. Fine. I wasn't too angry at that time. Most probably she was distracted by her two little daughters in the car. Thank God that the two little girls are not hurt as well.

She told us we'd claim her insurance. OK fine. She told us she can't go and make police report now because she needs to pick up another child. OK fine. She looked rather sincere. Fine. She repeated many many times that we'd claim her insurance. Fine. We went ourselves and did our own report.

During evening, EG called up to check the status. The lady reported police said WE BANG HER CAR! And so now, we can't claim her insurance. EG and I kept calling her. No answer. SMS her. No reply. I was FUMING angry.

I have never felt SO ANGRY for so long!

I was seriously FUMING ANGRY. I hate ppl lying straight into my face. And I hate ppl taking advantage over me esp. when I DID NOTHING WRONG.

I told EG let's go and find the witness and report to police again!
I told EG let's go round the neighborhood to find her and talk to her again!
I told EG what kind of example is she setting to her children?! Lying?! I was just SO ANGRY.

I called my mum. She told me to let go. Told me to thank God that everyone is safe. Told me to pay the repair ourselves since we can afford it. Told me not to curse the lady. Told me God will have His own justice. Told me to submit to God. Told me don't go sleep with anger.

EG talked to one of his friends in church. He was told the same thing. Let go - it's a fallen world. The thing that encourages us the most is what he said - Don't get discouraged of what others have cheated on you, because our God is resourceful. How much can the others take from you?... It's really encouraging.

So we prayed not to let this affect us. We want to apply what Bible teaches us in this situation. Not easy though.

We got someone to assess the damage, and paid 1k+ for the repair.

Well, I thank God:
  • Everyone is safe.
  • Eunice wasn't shocked. Thank God for car seat! And after she went back to bbsitter, she continue to sleep and drink like usual. And at night, she still slept well.
  • For family and friend who advise & encourage us. For friend who recommend a good contact for car repair.
  • I really thank God that both EG and I have income. We can afford the repair. Though we're not supposed to pay it anyway.. but it's OK.
So I got my potato car back after a week. We even paid extra to polish it. Now, it looks brand new!

It's a life lesson. We learn through it. Deep inside me, I'm still angry with that liar woman - guess it's not so easy to forgive.

Anyway, for those in Penang, give way when you see Myvi PHY5525 on the road. Blek!