Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Super Clean Compound

EG always likes to try new things. So, he saw this  cleaning compound when he was  in Thye Huat the other day. And he bought it and wanted to use it to clean our keyboard.

He tried at home (I didn't see), and told me it's very effective, and asked me to try in my office keyboard. Ah, my office keyboard is very dirty - since I've been here almost 5 years already. And I eat here, drink here, so imagine all the food crumbs, hair, etc.

Keyboard before cleaning

So I put the soft, jelly-ish compound on my keyboard. Btw, it's supposed to be in clear color. EG used it to clean the keyboards of our laptops and PC at home,  hence it has turned greenish. Looks geli, I know. :)..

The "jelly" on my keyboard
 I think it's quite effective because of its texture, it can slit into the small gaps between the keys of keyboard and pick up all the small things, even dust, hair, etc. So, look at my keyboard after running the "jelly" on my keyboard back and forth for a few times.

Keyboard after cleaning

Not a bad invention I must say. Best thing is, it's only RM4 in Thye Huat.

Sunday, March 03, 2013




 But someone post this:

So true.