Monday, June 10, 2013

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Experience

My life has been almost the same everyday ever since the arrival of my Natalie. And days seem to pass so much faster when we have 2 children. It's all about work - cook - feed - take care of kids - go out occasionally for a breather - repeat.

We went for Aus trip for 10 days (ahh.. I wonder if I'll ever have chance to blog about it), and after my trip, I had a very bad toothache at the back of my tooth. First, I suspected it's wisdom tooth problem. I couldn't open my mouth big to even brush teeth, or eat. It's that painful. I nibbled while I bit apple for snacks, and I couldn't eat a full mouthful because I couldn't open my mouth big when I was very very hungry (thanks to breastfeeding!). That's really a torture for me when I couldn't eat well!

I called up a dentist for appointment to check, but I could only scheduled it after a week since the appointments were all full. While waiting, the pain got better. And I thought, Ah, probably it's just some pimples caused by heat during the trip. 

Nay, I was very wrong. The dentist said it's because of wisdom tooth and it's buried deep inside that he couldn't do any surgery or procedure for me. And I need to go to Adventist for specalist aid. Geee! So, I quickly made an appointment on a Monday and off EG and I went together.

I was very scared of the procedure, I am not sure why. My friend said I can endure the most painful child birth then what's this for me? Ah, there's some truth in there but still I was terrified deep inside me. EG knew me well and hence he accompanied me and kept whispering to me that it'll be fine in the dentist room.

I had to take an x-ray on my teeth, and to my horror the procedure can be done immediately in the dentist clinic. Well, they called it a surgery, so I was expecting something like a surgery room or etc. Nope, after Dr Heng (the specialist) checked, and he did the surgery for me on the spot.

I am not sure if it's a good idea to share the details *grin* but as a summary, he said he'll need to cut my gum, break the bones at the gum, cut the tooth into 3-4 pcs, and take them out. I was, really, REALLY terrified. I think my tears were already in my eyes and I held my two hands very tightly together. The LA surely helped to numb and I couldn't feel anything at all. However, all the grilling or drilling or knocking sounds IN MY MOUTH was very traumatizing.

Dr Heng said he'll extract my upper tooth as well since it's of no use and its "partner" is now gone. So, he pulled it out.

And my wisdom reduced 50%. :(....

In the midst of the procedure

My "broken" tooth and an extracted tooth, with all the ka-chang...
EG took a pic while I did the surgery or procedure or whatever you called it. I was then prescribed antibiotics and panadol and painkillers. My mouth was numb and I couldn't talk well. However, the pain was bearable, it was some dull pain. I only took antibiotics for 3 days (yeap I didn't finish the course :P), and panadols on the first & 2nd day. My face was swollen, and there was some dull pain in my mouth. And I went on soft diet for 2-3 days and I could eat well after that. But I couldn't chew on the "operated" side until probably after 2 weeks.

Many friends told me their experiences on wisdom tooth extraction, mostly caused migraine due to the pain, but mine was fine. I believe the specialist skill is one of the key reasons. Anyway, this is surely an experience in my life that I wouldn't want to go through anymore. So I have the other two of my wisdom teeth will stay well behaved, so that I can retain some of my wisdom also lah... (Ya, stupid reason I know).