Saturday, August 16, 2008

Breakfast with my Best Friend :P

EG was very excited when he discovered a new place for breakfast last weekend while waiting for me doing my facial. So this weekend, he brought me there. It's actually a Malay stall by a small street near Lebuh Pantai, right opposite HSBC, beside Standard Chartered Bank. There aren't many cars passing by the street so it's not as dirty.

This place not as crowded as other places. It's cool as Standard Chartered is TALL, it blocks all the sun rays. There were quite a bit of people having their breakfast there (last week and this week), and you can listen to other people's conversation, if you want to :P. Somehow we felt it's peaceful, and quiet, and nice. But this is also another sign of getting older.....

Anyway, we had 2 teh ais with less sugar, one nasi lemak (my favorite!!), EG's favorite toast bread with half boiled eggs (best breakfast in the world konon :P), and a big plate of Pasembor. The pasembor is served hot as the gravy was cooked on the spot - and it is full of ingredients.

Drinks with nasi lemak, My yummy nasi lemak,
Toast bread & eggs, Pasembor

The street, the stall (see HSBC?),
Ah Pek aka my best friend with the newspaper while breakfast-ing,
Standard Chartered right opposite me.

It can be rather awkward if I keep snapping pictures while others are having their breakfast. They probably take breakfast at the same place every day, or week. Would you laugh at someone who take pics @ Mc Donald in Queensbay or One-U? Hmm... So I have to be quick in taking all these pics in the least obvious way by using my faithful handphone with 2MP camera. While EG was paying, I quickly snapped around the stalls.

The food varities - some kuih, nasi lemak, bihun, hard boiled eggs

This is where they "grill" the toast bread - how often do you see this? It's my first time though ;P

The stall

If you still wonder this place is, I took a picture of the street too. You might need to click on the pic for bigger view. It's at Union Street. And the Pasembor stall is right there.

The pasembor stall @ Lebuh Union

We had a good car park - this is the view of the famous Beach Street in Penang (Lebuh Pantai) for you to find the place

Everytime when we pass through this area, EG and I will be rather excited as this is where we took our outdoor wedding pictures (Yayaya, we still talk about it :P). On the way back home, we drove through the spot where we had one of our poses. We were rather surprised that they have renovated the place and it looked totally different now! So... no couple could take pics at that spot anymore... And now, pictures are the only memories that we have.

The new look

One of our wedding pictures - See the changes.
It's quite amusing that the poster is still there :P

EG said maybe one day we should go back to the same place and pose the same, and post it up for "spot-the-difference" game. Duh.... Anyway, I enjoyed my breakfast (Well, it should be brunch) with my only best friend in Penang - my hubby la... :P

Monday, August 11, 2008

Home Cooked Food

For health reason, I have been cooking dinner almost everyday, yes, including weekdays, unless we have some appointment then we'll eat out. Everytime when I shared with my friends that I cook dinner every night after work, 99% of them will give me a very shocking face asking questions like "do you have time?", "what do you cook?", "cook for only 2 persons?", "YOU CAN COOK?!". -_-. The only one that doesn't get surprised will be my mum - who has been wanting me to do this since years ago.

I reach home daily latest by 7pm, sometimes 6.30pm. Then I'll start to take out all food from the fridge, which has been brought down from the freezer to defrost since morning. All I do is just cut all ingredients, and then cook them. There will always be a dish of vegetables, plus another main dish. Normally dinner will be ready around 7.30pm to 8pm, with all frying pans & cooking utensils washed up and kept nicely. After dinner, EG will help to clean the dishes as I wipe up the stove. By 9pm, we're done and we'll be watching tv or surfing internet.

So, I am going to share some of the dishes that I cooked for the past few days. Then maybe you'll know - why I can do it every day.

Different types of vegetables

Some dishes besides the greens
Curry fish (I know the pics looks bad :P), Plum Sauce pork ribs,
Steamed Jap Toufu, Sardine with extra ingredients

Some other varieties
Mashed potatoes, Spaghetti (EG's favorite), ABC soup & Tom Yam beehoon

We just had our mashed potatoes and spaghetti during the weekend. The mashed potatoes is so good that EG stocked up another 10 potatoes today. And it's so easy to prepare - just boil it, mashed them, mix with margerine, salt, parsley and pepper. So goooooood!

Except for the soup which needs to be boiled for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour, other dishes can be easily done within 15 to 20 minutes - approx 15 minutes to cut-up all ingredients, and 5 minutes to cook. Steamed food is the easiest and has the least hassles. Besides, it's easy to find all the ready made curry paste / tomyam paste / soup ingredients in the supermarket. This makes cooking even easier. However, I normally will go for those with no preservative (Mak Nyoya brand from Sunshine Supermarket is good :P).

I thank God that EG doesn't ask for "complicated" food. All he wants are just simple home cooked food that can fill his stomach, and thank God that he can eat almost everything that I cook. Looking the food that I prepare, it shows how simple it is - provided that your partner doesn't complain much. :P.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Relaxing Saturday

We went back to Taiping last weekend. It was one of the best weekends I have had. Why? Because, EG's gaming kaki aka his brother has left to KL for college. So, I had >80% of his attention. :P

EG said he wanted to bring me to a new place in Taiping for lunch. There we went to Taiping market. It's not hot or stuffy like most of the places, but rather it has high ceiling, and it's airy. All the stalls have their own hoods to make sure the place is not smoky. Have you ever had the experience whereby others could tell where you went by smelling you? :P

The market

We order two drinks - home cooked healthy Longan & Winter melon.

Refreshing drinks @ RM1 each

I had the urge for improper food on that day, but EG was very hungry. So he ordered the famous Teochew fried kuey teow - according to him, that's the best in Taiping.

Teochew Fried Kuey Teow @ RM3

I saw a stall selling the Apam Balik that I have not been eating for almost 10 years! I remembered my parents used to buy two whole pieces whenever we went visiting my grandmother on every Saturday. That was when I was like... 12 yrs old or 15 years old?! Gosh, it's almost 15 years back!! EG said it's not called Apam Balik, not sure of the exact real name but I heard others calling it Bang Chang Kuih in Hokkien. It tasted good, but will be better if they have more peanuts. :D

Apam Balik or Bang Chang Kuih @ RM0.50 per piece.

Next, we order fried oyster and some fruits rojak. Again, EG said the fried oyster is one of the best in Taiping. For the rojak, it's good too except that it's a little weird as they put sotong in the rojak.

Fried Oyster for RM5

Fruits Rojak with Sotong @ RM3

So after all these, we are 80% full. While leaving the place, EG dropped by his grandma's neighbour's stall to buy some black soya drink - I don't normally see black soya drink around. Do you?

After that, we went to the next most happening place in Taiping - Tesco (:P) to have some "window shopping" to spend the afternoon. We were still having some craving and we bought back 12 pieces of nuggets. Yummy! And I bought one magazine from the book store.

Nuggets from KFC

We headed home after that. EG searched through Daddy's DVD and found National Treasure II by Nicholas Cage. So we watched the show, while enjoying the yummy nuggets and refreshing black soya juice. And I was also flipping through my magazines since I am blessed with multitasking skills (:P).

My new magazine

Ahh... What a beautiful, slow and relaxing Saturday afternoon... ;)