Saturday, April 26, 2008

MNG Voucher

I support manufacturing operations in my daily job. It's not a very nice job as you might get calls during off office hour, but it's challenging.

There ought to be many issues or problems in manufacturing, and when we solve it, we'll get recognitions - esp if it has a big impact. Normally I get RM10 Sunshine Vouchers or KFC Vouchers, but this round, I was lucky that I got 2 x USD25 cash vouchers. I redeemed a RM50 body shop voucher, and a RM100 MNG voucher.

The redemption was done online. I got the body shop voucher in a week and I used it straight away on that weekend on a foundation that I have been eyeing for almost 6 months. So no picture of it.

For the MNG one, I was waiting and waiting for almost a month but it never comes. Everytime when EG checked our mailbox i'll be asking anxiously if there's a MNG voucher. And finally, the long awaited voucher finally came yesterday.

I was expecting the cash voucher to come in a piece of card board with MNG logo, and written with RM100 or something like that. But it's not. It's a very nice small card.

Front of the cash voucher

Voucher worth NYR 100. What's NYR? :P

It came with a big envelop

One thing that I don't understand - why do they have to post it from Australia??

Anyway, it's TIME FOR SHOPPING!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

High Heels?

Most girls like to wear high heels. Heels make us prettier, slimmer, sexier, classier.

I knew high heels are not good for girls - because there's what everyone says. Until recently I got a forwarded email that explains it. I thought it's good to share.

Click the below image for larger view.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baby's name

After I am married, most people will ask me two questions whenever they see me.

1. So, how's your married life? Standard answer - Good.
2. So, when are you planning to have your baby? Standard answer - not yet.

I got so tired answering these questions.

As age is catching up, most of my friends are all moving onto the next stage of their lives - getting married. Then, next, have or going to have their first baby, some are already on their ways getting their 2nd baby. A lot of my friends from church, university or schools are pregnant, and a few of them have already delivered.

I found out all kids have quite canggih names nowadays. It triggers me to think, what would I name my children when I have them next time?

I stumbled into babynamesworld while being busy-body to help a friend to choose an English name for his coming daughter. So, I started to surf for my future kid's names too.

For girl, I like the name Sarah. It means Princess. In the Old testament in Bible, Sarah was a very pretty lady even when she was 60+ years old. For boy, it's hard to get a name as there are so many boys in my church. Most nice names are taken - Josh, Sean, Isaac, etc etc. Finally, I found Ethan. It's also a hebrew name means strong and optimistic, solid and enduring.

My suggestion & proposal was approved by EG. So our future kids' names will be Ethan & Sarah.

For the chinese names, it's much harder to think of a meaningful name. So I'll just take it easy as time comes. My friend sent me a list of chinese names with surnames and I am not in the mood to go through them yet. :P

For my friends, if you're planning for your kids, please remember that I have reserved these two names, ok? It might be confusing later if our kids have the same names. :P. *I am just kidding*

By the way, this doesn't mean that we're ready for babies.

No, we're not ready.

So stop asking!!

Bear & Cat Talk

Bear and Cat were reading some posts in a forum... A girl wrote that she was too tired and she rested her head on the hubby's shoulder while he was driving, and the hubby drove with one hand with another free hand holding her hand.

Cat: Wahhhh.... So Sweet!!!!
Bear: Ya lo... U never do that to me also...!!!
Cat: Hahahaha....
Bear: Oh I know already, You can't do that because... U know why??
Cat: Why?
Bear: (Trying to be smart) Because you're not driving an auto car!! You're driving a manual car so you have no free hand to hold my hand!! Right...?
Cat: (Showing cheeky face) No no dear.. U know why... Coz you're too small size and you won't be able to rest on my shoulder in my car... And maybe that fella drives a smaller car like Kancil leh...
Bear: -_-"
Cat: Do you agree? Do you agree?
Cat: Hahahaha... Is it funny? Is it funny???
Cat: IT IS FUNNY laaa.....

*FAINT*. Stupid Cat.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Cry Baby

There are a few ways that can make my hubby a happy man, one of them is to let him spend some "investment" in his hobby - guitar, so that he won't complain he has no life.

Some of you might start to imagine a quite handsome man with his guitar, singing love songs from David Tao or Jay Chou to his love one, so romantic. **POOOFFFF**. Wake Up! So far, I don't remember EG singing to me because he doesn't play or sing pop songs. He plays jazz, rock, and blues - which sometimes make me really blue. Mind you, these songs normally have no lyrics and too bad I don't really appreciate much of these kind of music. Our tastes in music is totally opposite.

Getting to the main point, EG has been buying a lot of effect pedals from some online forum with some good deals. Recently, he found this WAH-Pedal - which he has been talking about for the past year but never buys because of the high price - going at almost 30% off the market price in the forum. He asked for my permission, and placed his order. 2 days later, he got his beloved pedal posted to him. He was so so so excited that he actually brought it out and showed me when we went out for lunch today.

Of course, he couldn't wait to try out this new baby with his electric guitar when he reached home. He has been telling me so much about this pedal by making the "wah-wah" sound effect, and to my surprise, it sounds exactly the same when he plays the guitar today. (Make a search in youtube - you can find hundreds of video of a wah-pedal). It sounds funny, like a cat trying to talk. :P

I am sure he'll write something about this new baby once he finishes trying it out. I'll then link to his blog if you're interested to know more about this funny pedal (it might take some times though). To let you know how excited he is, I took some pics of him posing with his new baby. However, I have to do something with the pictures in order to protect his privacy or reputation or innocence or whatever-you-call-it. Enjoy!!

It's also called cry baby because it sounds like a baby crying

I guess he might want to sleep with his new baby tonight! :P

Sunday, April 06, 2008

My Weekend

The long awaited weekend has finally reached. I am excited for weekend as I can cook! To improve my cooking skills, I have been reading and surfing around for simple recipes. I have quite some restrictions in my kitchen, for i.e. can't do much fryings, can't make the kitchen too oily / dirty, etc. So I have to make sure the recipes are simple and easy to manage so that I won't get banned from cooking. :P. I found this GREAT website - Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food. This website is really very helpful as I am and can never be creative. Hence, I can't do much even if I have food in the fridge. I need some guidance. I started to get really excited to try his (yes, it's a HE!) recipes in my own kitchen.

When we went back home last weekend, my mummy (mum in law) gave me an old cucumber, some pork and minced pork. So of course - u know what I am going to cook - old cucumber soup. Cut up everything and just boil them together. Normally I don't put red dates but the recipes in Hochiak! does, so I tried. Yummy!

A friend gave us a packet of chinese mushroom during CNY. Except cooking chicken soup with that, I have no idea what I could do with it (now you know how not creative / boring I am). Again, in the same Hochiak! website, I was excited to see that I can use the mushrooms to cook siew pak choy with braised mushrooms! Well, as a beginner in cook and since I don't cook all the time, I only have oyster sauce. So, I tried the recipe with only oyster sauce and YUMMY! It's still YUMMY!

We kept the other half pot of the soup for the next day. And I have been cracking my head to think what to cook as the 2nd dish for dinner on Sunday since last week. We have quite a lot of celery left from the spag cooking last 2 weeks, so today I cut all the celery, some carrots, and fry them together with a little bit of minced garlic and minced pork. Looks not bad right? Taste good too~!

Now, I realised cooking is not as hard as I thought, and it's really fun. The satisfaction comes when EG tells me how much he likes the food. His encouragements never fail to boost my confidence, vice versa (:P). My boss has been telling others that I am happily married - u know why? Because I put on weight! Now you know how and why!! We have to finish all food so that it's not wasted!

Anyway, weekend is going to be over soon too! Time always flies faster during weekends. I wanted to try another recipe next week but EG is craving for spag again! Guess I won't be posting up any of my kitchen work next week - unless he changes his mind! I will have to do my homework and surf to see how I can improve from the last cooking.

Friday, April 04, 2008


I bet everyone who works 5 days a week long for Fridays. I am no exception.

Reasons that I love Fridays:
1. There will normally be no late meetings. All meetings will end by 4pm because everyone wants to go home early, claiming to beat the traffic jam.
2. There's long lunch hour. You can go for 2 hours lunch with NO GUILT. No one will question you for coming back office late.
3. All work can be delayed to next week.
4. You can leave as early as 4.30pm esp. IF you need to cross PG bridge, or even if you don't (as long as you don't explain :P)
5. Finally you can take a break after working for 5 days = at least 40 hours.
6. Weekend is around the corner. I can wait to slouch in home's sofa while watching series, explore something in kitchen and do anything that's not related to work.

I normally feel extra refresh on Fridays, because it's Friday. Very often, I'll ask EG on Thursday night on what to eat for lunch on Fridays! I can go to the same economy rice stalls for lunch from Mon to Thurs, but not on Fridays. I want to have nice and relaxing lunch - not necessary expensive - but something that we don't normally eat everyday - maybe some shops that we haven't been for few weeks, or something different, anything.

Sometimes, EG says, Let's eat in today.
I will be like... "Huhhhhh....... today is FRIDAY u know...... I need some life.....!"
So eating in cafe on Fridays in a BIG NO NO for me, unless there is some unforeseen circumstances.

I know this sounds like a psychological thing, but if I don't have a nice lunch break on Friday, I'll feel so sad for myself. I feel like as if no one loves or cares for me, or my life is so meaningless. This can make me feel demotivated and bored at work, and it can carry on till weekends. Scary right?

I am still trying to explore myself more on this... But does anyone out there feel this too?

Anyway, WEEKEND IS HERE!! I am so excited. I have a long list of activities for this weekend. And I also have the lunch & dinner menu ready for the weekends . *I am addicted to cooking now*.

Stay tune for my next post! :)