Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Blog

I have not been updating my blog often. For those who have me in my facebook will know that I'm upgraded to mummy status. Yeah, you heard it right. And yeah, I was so secretive about it. :P

Anyway, life with a baby now is obviously very busy. And the routine for the whole day is all about baby - bathing baby, feeding, burping, changing diaper, sleep baby. With me doing exclusive direct breastfeeding, it makes my life slightly harder because no one can take over the feeding job! And I have to do it myself!

EG has been very supporting and he has been helping to do all the housework when I'm busy feeding / sleeping his precious. Guess now he knows how it feels to prepare dinner every night last time (though he just tapao / heat up / put in plate / feed me sometimes if baby Eunice doesn't give me a break! :P).

If you're interested on how we're doing with parenthood, do check out my new mamabeh blog. :)