Friday, November 08, 2013

Bread Baking

I have been wanting to try bread baking for very long. But I don't have a bread maker (don't plan to get one at the moment), and I cannot imagine how hard it is to knead with hands. And then, I saw Christine's blog posting a no knead crusty bread recipe, it looks so easy and I quickly saved it into my google drive. Still, I wasn't very sure to bake it, until last week.

I tried baking it with wholemeal flour, and I mixed in some cut apricot. And sad to say I am still not very good in my oven setting hence I used fan bake (which I read is 30C hotter than normal bake). And my bread got overbaked. However, it's still tasty. All of us (Yes, including Natalie) finished half of the bread for breakfast and it was so filling that we didn't feel hungry until lunch.

Wholemeal bread with apricot - overbaked.
Very hard but taste is good.

EG said the bread is good. Asked me to do it again. So, this round I followed the recipe carefully and precisely. I went to buy bread flour, and still I added in cut apricot. And this time, I used Bake function in my oven. I remember I put my bread dough into the oven and I went to bath with my girls upstair. When all of us are ready, when I opened my room door, Eunice said, "Wow mummy, the bread smells so nice...!" I was sooooo happy - that was one of the greatest motivation.

And when I went to the oven and see my bread - the satisfaction cannot be described. I just looked and looked at it and felt so happy about it. It was big and nice, but I had to cut them up so that I can keep them in some container. I had to admire it for a while before cutting them up. Silly me! :D

Tadaa! A successful attempt!
Fluffy bread inside.. Yummy!
Some asked me if the bread is very hard. No! The skin is crispy and the inside is soft. Well it's not so nice to eat just plain like this but if you put on butter and cheese, Wow, it's so good! :)

After that EG got really addicted to the bread. He told me he doesn't want to buy the normal bread out there anymore. So this round I tried the no knead herb wheat bread that Christine posted up after a few days. Again, it's NICE! But I forgot the step to shape it nicely, so the shape looks funny. However, it still tastes very good.

3rd attempt with Italian herb. Smell very very good :)

While I cut the bread into 3 portions to store in container, both my girls couldn't wait to taste the bread. And guess what, the two small girls (~14kg + ~9kg) finished 1/2 of my 1/3 bread, that means it's 1/6 of the bread. I really think it's quite a lot for 2 small girls - but they like it. As long as they like it, mummy is happy. It's homemade and I am pretty sure it's healthy. :)

So now, I am so addicted to bread making. I am still not getting a breadmaker. I think I'll stick to this recipe until everyone gets bored, and I think, it'll last for a while before they get bored. :)