Friday, November 23, 2012


I hate going through interviews. Yeap. After I graduated, I went through 7 times of interviews with different companies before I got my first job. Probably I got traumatized then. And I hate going through interviews, especially the technical interviews.

I remember how nervous I was before I came for interview for my current job. I prepared for few days before I came for the technical tests. And I thank God that my interviewer (my boss) was very kind and it was a pleasant one, and I got the job!

Recently, I was given chance to interview candidates to join my team.

I still can remember how I felt while going through every single interview that I went through previously. Thinking back, since graduated until now, I think I have been through 10+ interviews. So when I looked at the candidates that I interviewed with my colleague, I can feel how nervous and empathized them. But of course, I am a very nice person and I try my best to put them at ease as I know how they felt, esp. when they couldn't answer or understand our questions.

Anyway, it was a good experience.

Though I feel sad for the candidates who didn't make it.

That reminds me, after going through so many interviews before I finally got my first job, I actually told myself that I want to be a HR hiring manager in the future, and reject those applicants, to let them experience what I have experienced.

But, I guess, I am a very soft hearted person. I actually dreamt last night that one of the candidates cried during interview when she found out she didn't meet our criterias.

Ya, sound stupid.

But, it was still a good experience. :)