Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zi Mui's Weddings

If you ask me what's the most memorable time in my life, besides my own wedding day, the next will be my life in university - there's the place where I met most of my good friends. :)

Our innocent looks in MMU @ 1998
more pics here

Somehow, fate brought us together, and we grew up together in the Uni's pathetic hostel. We spent most of our time together esp. since we are not local. We explored mamak (yah, called us sua-gu :P), explored the public transport to get to town and etc. It was funny though it has been almost 7-10 yrs ago, but we still laugh like nobody's business whenever we talk about the past stories whenever we meet up.

I thank God that all of my friends are doing very well in their life, and most of us have moved on to the next stage of our life, i.e. promoted to wifey (and some already are mothers :P). I was recalling my ji muis wedding and to my amusement, all of us got married in sequence since 2006 to 2009 non-stop! :)

2006-07 SF's wedding @ KL

2007-09 Papakochan's wedding @ KL
2008-01 My wedding @ PG

2008-12 Shizuka's wedding @ PG

2009-03 PC's wedding @ KL

So, I guess the next wedding to attend will be 2010?! Kekekeke... *hint* *hint* :D. It's just a very happy thing to see good friends to have a healthy, good, and happy life, don't you agree?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Big Potato

This month - is a month to remember. I have finally paid off my car loan with EON bank after 5 years. EG called it big potato as he always complains it's heavy. But I still love it to bits. Everytime when people asked about my car, I'll gladly tell the "touching" story of how I got my lovely potato. =).

Working in Cyberjaya without a car is a total nightmare, things were even worse with me staying @ USJ. There is no public transport to Cyberjaya and no one could give me a ride. I have no choice, but I had to buy a car. I am the eldest in my family - so this buying car thing is quite a hoo-haa as my parents doubt if I know how to get a proper car. And since I am the only working "adult" then, and looking at the fact that my brother & sister in KL were going to depend on me to fetch them to/from KLIA, or moving house, or go shopping or prom night (?) (:P), and with my parents visiting us kinda often, I need to get a saloon car that can fit easy 4-5 ppl (and actually, if my whole family comes together - still cannot fit :P.. we have total of 6 :P), and with boot space to fit the luggages.

There weren't much choices then. Waja is too big for me to handle, and I was really really bad in parking. And imported cars are out of my budget. With my dad's help & some limited $$ in my piggy bank (since I only worked for 2 yrs then), I "wanted" to buy Proton Wira SE (Special Edition *ahem*) Automatic. I got scared a bit when my friends keep complaining to me how hard it is to drive in KL with manual car.

Note that I said - "WANTED". Of course, it didn't happen. The stooopid salesman, which is also the manager of the shop, actually gave supposingly-to-be-my-car away to another customer, and requested me to wait for another 3 months! I asked for my deposit refund, and called up Proton HQ to lodge a complain. The region manager called up and told me this is the first complain in 10 years, like I care. Duh!! I was just too angry and too pissed off. And I actually cried over it. =.=. I am not sure what happen to the sales manager after that (though I hope he got fired :P) but I think anyhow he deserved that - no credibility how to be manager. =.=.

To cut the story short, out of real desperation, I called up one of my MMU friends working in EON, "crying" for help. And he told me, OK Winnie, I'll settle for you. Wait for my call. True enough, after 1 week+, he called and told me - Winnie, your car is here. Come and take. Then, I went over to pay my deposit, sign loan agreement, and took my car.

Before that, I didn't see how the car look like. I was very lucky that the car was actually the latest model of 2004, with sport rims & air bags. But one thing - it's manual. But heck, I need a car. I drove manual all the time in my hometown - don't see a problem with that. And the car plate number is my name's initial + my birth date day. Mind you - I didn't choose the number or ask for anything. The only thing I told my friend is, I want the Wira SE - black one. That's all.

That's why I always believe my car, is God's gift to me.

I could never forget the first day when I drove my car from EON Glenmarie back to USJ. The touch of the car, and my anxious feeling of owning something that belong to myself (Well, not fully owned yet, since I was still on loan). And the first one that I showed off my new potato then to was of course, my brother in Sri Petaling, and let him tested drive a bit. Though in these 5 yrs, I have changed quite a bit of the spare parts and etc, but my potato has been going through a lot with me (and my family) . It has done what it should. And with EG's help it's well maintained too.

EG always tells me next time we should sell off one Wira (since he's also driving the normal Wira) and get a better car - but I never agree to sell my car. He said he has a lot of memories with his car, but hey, I have A LOT of memories with my potato too! =). So, no mutual agreement was made, and we're still having two wiras with us.

We're going to KL for my friend's wedding this weekend - and I told EG, I'll want to drive this round since we're driving my potato down. I'd love to reminisce the day when I got my potato. It's going to be our 5th Year anniversary. :)

There's a funny conversation about my potato when EG and I were driving down to KL somewhere last year (yah, we have too many friends' weddings to attend :P)

W: (driving & speeding a bit :P) Hey, my car is Wira SE. It's Special Edition, but it also can be Sports Edition eh... :D
E: Ya ya.. and u know, it also can be Slow Edition or Silly Edition or Stupid Edition...
W: =.=