Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Dinner

It has been a long time since I made Aglio Olio.... Tonight I gave it a try again combining with all the recipe posts that I have read online, and with my slightly more improved cooking skill *shy*... and it tasted much better than the previous one!

Domino's Chili Flakes is good! Two little packet actually is quite spicy for two big portions!

EG's dinner

My dinner

It's always easier to prepare spaghetti for dinner. I started preparing at 6.30pm and by 7.30pm we're done with eating and washing can also be done in 15 minutes since there's nothing too oily to wash.... :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bear & Cat Talk

On one fine Saturday, while Bear is cooking lunch...

Cat: Bear, your fridge very messy. Let me tidy it up for u...
Bear: OK!

...After 15 minutes....

Cat: Done!
Bear: (Looked into the fridge) Gosh, my fridge is so empty now!
Cat: Yeah, I have "defragged" your fridge for you....
Bear: =.=... And what's my kiwi doing up there with the eggs?!
Cat: It's Dinasaur's egg... with hair!! Kekeke!!
Bear: Very funny... so the one next to it is the Ostrich's egg?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

2009 Raya Break

This year, I looked forward for Raya break eagerly as it's a LONG weekend! And for the first time I was eagerly waiting to go back to Taiping - because it means I can sleep, and eat, and watch tv, and don't need to cook and do nothing. :D

Before we went back, I have told EG that I want to eat as much as I can during this holiday. And I had this strong craving for Taiping Ipoh Bakery's Pandan Layer cakes. Being extra loving these days, he promised to buy the cake for me, and on top of that, he'll also bring me to Ipoh to makan-makan! Yay! :)

True enough, the next day after we went back to Taiping, we dropped by Ipoh Bakery and found out that we had to order Pandan Layer cakes and can only pick up on 5pm in the evening. And they are going to close for Raya break. So, we placed our order, and seriously, it's so hard to resist all the cakes inside the bakery as everything smells so nice. We bought an Almond Cake and wanted to have it for the next few days. But guess what, it tasted SO GOOD that EG and I finished the whole thing after lunch in less than 1 hour time! Gosh! It tasted heavenly (for me laa)! It's not too sweet and we think it's made of wheat flour that makes the cake with very good biting texture. Ahh... I'm definitely going to eat it again when I go back next time.

Almond cake

EG's mum picked up the Pandan Layer cake later in the evening. I'd be crazy if I tell u that we finished that too! We kept it in fridge for the next day as we couldn't fit it into our tummy anymore.

The next day, we went to Ipoh for lunch + dinner. EG's colleagues were kind enough to be our tour guide and brought us go makan something else rather than the usual Bean Sprout Chicken rice. :P... We went to Pasir Pinji for the famous yong tau fu. Apparently they said it's very famous because it is very cheap and many ppl have been blogging about it. I didn't take any picture there as it'll be very obvious that I'm a tourist if I were to do that. :P. I guess u can just find many pics if you google about it. The yong tau fu serving there is HUGE, and VERY CHEAP. I think averagely 50 cents per BIG piece.

Then, we went to buy Ipoh famous salted chicken. We had to wait for 1 hour after placing our order so we walked around the place to buy some other cookies and biscuits and mooncakes.

The famous Ipoh salted chicken

After lepaking around, and we went back to the shop for our chicken. While waiting, Eg and I snapped some stupid pictures. One thing funny I observed there is, there are many shops selling salted chicken, but people will rather wait for 1 hour for THIS PARTICULAR shop. Well, even EG's colleagues who are the locals also recommended that shop. Some other shops had MANY nicely wrapped chicken but no customer - all are at the famous one waiting. Guess they must be really good. Anyway, we bought 4 chicken back. :P. Not all of myself la crazy - 1 for all of us including EG's family, 1 for EG and I to bring back Penang, 1 for EG's aunties, and 1 for EG's parents. ;)

Oh, almost forgot about the Pandan Layer cakes. We had it after dinner. Tasted as good as before. Not too sweet and the cold pandan jelly tasted fabulous! =). We finished it the next day after lunch.

Pandan Layer Cake

After I came back to Penang, first thing I did of course is to weigh myself. And gosh, I grew and put on 1kg just during the weekend..! But it was really good food. I'm definitely going to buy the cakes again next time! :P