Monday, April 27, 2015

Working With Children Check

I got this in my mailbox when I came back from my home trip. :)

In Victoria, in order to do any work involving children, you'll need Working With Children Check. Basically, they just check if you have any crimical record before giving you the permit.

I recently put my name down to help out in Eunice's class as a parents helper, hence I needed this card. And I am planning to volunteer as helpers in more activities later. 

Since this is just a volunteer task, so it's free. :).. 

I am actually very happy to get this card. It looks very nice, don't you think so?
I think it's because of the color and the picture of children on it. :)

Love it!

More info @

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2015 Home Trip

We decided to make a home trip during the first term holiday in 2015 - air tickets were cheaper during this time, probably because everyone is not traveling anymore after the Christmas break in December. 

I was very nervous for the trip (looks like I am always nervous for everything). Our previous home trip to my sister's wedding was quite a disaster in the airport. Thank goodness during then I had friends who traveled together to help us. So, this time, I have been brainwashing Eunice that I needed her help in the airport, and went through the "procedures" many times with her, like we'll go airport, have some nuggets, then we have to queue up, etc etc, until we board into the plane.

As usual, I think I overworried. Because my two cutie pies were angels throughout our long journey home! I was very pleased with Eunice. She's very independent now and could really hold herself together even though I know she's actually tired or sleepy. I was very very happy with her.

Our flight was at 1.30am, and we reached airport around 830pm (too early!). We waited for 2 hours before we could drop our luggage, went through the long queues for hand luggage scan check, custom immigration check, and to terminal to wait for an hour before boarding. After 8 hours flight, we arrived KLIA2 at 6.30am but our next flight was at 1.30pm (7 hours transit, YES!). So, we hung out at McD, walked around KLIA2, had expensive and lousy lunch until we flew to Penang. And, nope! We're not home yet! We then took a car from a friend, went to meet a friend to take 2 car seats, and drove 1 hour to Taiping. 

And yes, after almost 24 hours, we're finally home! We reached Taiping at about 4.30pm! So, how can I not be proud of my two little angels who behaved so well throughout the long trip? We were so happy and proud of them until EG said, it's time to plan for more travel trips! :)

@ the airport

@12.30am, both girls still wide awake. 
They were excitedly trying to spot aeroplanes in the dark.

Finally arrived @ KLIA2 after 8 hours flight! 

So what did we do at home? Honestly, nothing much. We were in Taiping most of the time and the main purpose of this home trip is to visit EG's family and get the children to spend more time with his parents, also to tell them about us in the new place. And we did. 

The girls were happy with the grandparents as the grandparents spoiled them! Ah well, it has been a year since the grandparents met them. Hopefully they will be willing to come over Aus to visit us in the year end.

We took a few pictures of some of the things that we did.

Having breakfast in my favorite kopitiam on the first day

The whole family went for a haircut @ our fav saloon. And I colored my hair.
This is the no.1 to do things in my list. :D

Met up with cousin from KL

Enjoyed those rides. RM1 / RM2 comparing to AUD1 / AUD2! :)

Went Penang and met up with friends and their juniors!

Breakfast with grandparents. They love toasted bread with butter & kaya.

Updated Natalie's passport photo.
Do the sisters look at like? Both pics taken when they were 2.5yo. :)

Ate roti canai a few times and EG decided to teach them to eat with hands.
They enjoyed it! 
Nat calls it Pizza. :D

Let them try ice kacang (I told Eunice it's icy "bowl" instead of icy poles here).
They didn't quite like it. Too bad. :P

After 2 weeks in Taiping, we drove back to Penang, returned car seats, met with a good friend before leaving to airport. We took a we-fie in McD in PG airport before we went into the terminal - just like what we did 14 months ago when we left Penang to Melbourne. :).. EG said we should do this everytime when we do our home trip. Good idea I thought. :)

All of us @ PG airport, stick together, as always!

Finally, dinner @ KLIA2 before leaving to Melbourne.

Transit in KLIA2 to Melbourne was 4 hours so it wasn't too bad. Girls were easily occupied with some pens and books for them to draw or scribble (esp for Eunice). Had fast food in the airport (we reckoned that's the best food after getting disappointed with the hefty price and lousy quality food we paid in airports for several times) for dinner before going into terminal to wait for boarding.

So how did we like our home trip? It wasn't too bad. I thought since I have spent 30 years+ in Malaysia, the hot and humid weather in Malaysia is not a problem for me, but I was wrong. I was very reluctant to come out most of the time, and I only wanted to stay in air cond room. :P.. For girls, Eunice asked to bathe everytime we came back from outside. And Nat refused to sit on the kopitiam chairs, she said they're dirty! I had to find a better looking or cleaner chairs for her to sit. :P.. And for dinner, Eunice will ask to go to places which are "nice and fresh" - means air-conditioned.

For me, I think the thing I like the most, is the warm breakfast in Malaysia. Unlike in Melbourne, we normally just have bread/milk/cereal/eggs for breakfast.

Anyway, we're glad to be back safely. It's always nice to be home - no matter where the home is. And now after a break, it's time to gear up for the new year (a quarter has passed, I know!) with our new goals!