Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2012 Update

After being parents for 2 years+, both EG and I got more and more effective in getting our household done. Sometimes, friends are amazed of things that we could do, but they often forgot, that also means that we don't get to go out so often, because there are just too much housework to do. That also explains why my blog idles for so long. :P

And yea, for Eunice's sake, I have been cooking dinner, for at least 3-4 nights on weekday, Saturday is a sure-cook day and Sunday is my free day. It's a break for both EG and I. With now that Eunice is 2 yrs old toddler, it makes things easier to go out or to eat out. :)

Many friends asked me, how do I manage to cook on weekday after a hectic day in office? Well, my meals are very simple. I normally will do a meat with a vegetables. If we're very hungry, I'll have a 3rd dish - which is either fried eggs, steam potatoes, or etc. I bought a magic cooker (which is actually a thermal cooker) from Cosway. I used it to cook soup either on the night before, or early in the morning. After I come back from office, I just need to cook rice, and wash all vegetables and fry them. It can be done quite quickly. Sometimes, I'd do steam chicken or steam fish or some simple boiled soup with fish. All can be done within 30 minutes. And after eating, EG will take over the washing part. And most of the time we're all done by 8pm. We make an effort to have fruits everyday so I'll cut some fruits for everyone to eat after that. And by 10pm+, Eunice and I will be snoring already. EG will normally stay up to tidy up the house or do some work. :)...

Having said that, in order to prepare meals on weekdays, that means we need to do marketing on weekends. Yeap. We've been going market on weekend to stock up the poultry, vegetables and etc so we have food to eat for the rest of the week. We found that the vegetables in the market, though slightly more expensive than the hypermarket, surely taste nicer and sweeter. :)... So, we go to the market without fail on every Saturday morning, no, not with Eunice. So it's either I go, or EG goes. Depending on situation. So, Saturday is a super busy day for me because if EG goes market for me, I'll prepare the list of food to get, and I need to prepare breakfast, clean up all the poultry, keep them in portions, and keep all the vegetables, and STILL cook for lunch & plan for dinners. He's not so free either. He has to help on all the laundry, hang, bathe Eunice, wash car porch, and do other housework. Very busy, but definitely satisfying.

Thank God EG is happy with my food though it's just some simple food. When I crack my head on what to cook, he'll tell me it's ok, he won't mind if I repeat the food every week. Ah, that's very sweet and make my life much easier. But I do make an effort to do something different during weekend especially. And sometimes I bake too - but EG is not a cake person so mostly it's for me and Eunice. :)

And yes, all these are done with a 5 mths belly. And yes, I'm going to be mummy again, and yes, my EDD is early August. And you wonder how I can do so much with a belly? Erm, yes, I can. :)

I just hope when my 2nd baby arrives, I'll still be able to do whatever that I am doing now for my family. :)