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Friday, September 01, 2006

Curly Hair....

I curled my hair few weeks ago.

Ya i finally did after talking for so long! (and after so many warnings.. i still did). The hair stylist was good in persuading me. Well, she did sound very sincere when she was telling me all the good things about curly hair, and she managed to convinced me and make me "don't like" my straight hair even more. So i curled my hair. And on that day, i liked it. It makes me look like a jap, those kawaii one.

After that, nightmare started. For the first week, I'll run to toilet every 1 hour to check if my hair is still curly. When i got into my car, the first thing i asked is if my hair is still curly... After i reached home, the first question i asked is whether my hair became straight... And until when i was sleeping, i dreamt that my hair wasn't CURL anymore... Oh my god....

Then, I started to think that maybe the hair styling cream was not good enough to make my hair curl. I called my full-of-curly-hair-experience piggy in KL, and told her everything. She was SO understanding on my situation, and she told me all her advise and I realised i did the wrong thing by washing my hair on the very next day* after I curled my hair. I felt so regret!!

On that night itself, i went to walk around BJ to find the styling cream piggy recommended, but to no avail. :( ... There's no SHINS or SASA in PG... Finally, I managed to know another shop in PG called Beauty Impact, with the product called TIGI CURLS ROCK. And i bought the styling cream, despite the fact that it's quite pricey for blurdy 100ml. But what the heck... i want my hair to curl....

So i have been using this TIGI Curls Rock for around 2 weeks, and i am quite satisfied with it. Well, my curls DO ROCK now! Not sure if it's due to psychology, or i am just getting tired. Maybe the mirror has finally convinced myself that my hair is actually curled. Actually, the first styling cream wasn't too bad.

Last week, when i was going home, i met my friend from Philipines while going to get my car. Out of the sudden, she saw my hair, and said.. Hey Nice Hair.... I wish i could have that too!... The sky brightens up, the day seems so beautiful suddenly... as i always think that Philipines are the most sincere in giving their comments!

The happiest fella will be the cat at home, his first response was "FINALLY...." as he doesn't need to assure me ANYMORE!

*PS: The hair stylist did say i can wash my hair on the next day, no problem!

As per requested, my hair pics... :D