Monday, October 29, 2012

Makan-makan in Ipoh & Taiping

After becoming parents, EG and I hardly have time to spend with each other. After 2.5 yrs of training (since Eunice is born), now we're used to parent-lifestyle and can do things more effectively in a shorter time. Both of us can't really shop when we go out with Eunice. We actually have been taking leaves on Friday to have some time for ourselves, like watch movies, shopping or etc. If Eunice is out with us, we'll be bringing her to places where she can enjoy, instead of for us to enjoy. :)

This time, I sent my baby Natalie to babysitter 2 weeks before I came back to work from my maternity leaves. And EG and I planned for a Ipoh makan trip, just the two of us. We didn't manage to spend long time in Ipoh anyway because we needed to do something else in Taiping. So, we stopped by Taiping for breakfast in our favorite coffee shop, then drove to Ipoh and went Ipoh Parade to have some pak-toh time where EG bought some shirts. And looked for toys for Eunice (yea, we both missed her), and went for late lunch before we came back Taiping and Penang again to pick up our girls, and resume our busy life.

Ya, so the pics of the food. :)

My favorite coffee shop in Taiping
Curry mee

Fried noodle + bee hoon

The half boiled egg - after finished.
They ran out of toasted bread as we went late. :)

The recommended coffee shop by friend in Ipoh
Dunno what is this called, EG ordered this.
Looks like curry mee but without the noodle and only with the pork balls, fish balls, and etc that we chose.

Very nice popiah

The famous tau-geh

The famous Ipoh Kuey Teow, slurp!

Yea, best in the country in newspaper!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Loving Saturday Morning

Sometimes, I think I have the best hubby in the world. :)...

I woke up on a Saturday morning, getting a bit stress up with all the things that both EG and I need to do over the weekend - marketing, cooking, cleaning, washing, house chores, laundry, and not to mention feeding and coaxing a fussy baby.

When I came to the kitchen, I saw some cute arrangements on my kitchen counter.

Guess what's inside?

Tada! Our breakfast!
I know it's just a simple breakfast but I appreciated EG's thought to get up earlier in the morning (while I'm still trying to get my engine started while playing with my girls). Not to even mention, he went to market to do marketing for me so we'll have food to cook for the next week. Oh, he even did all the cleaning before leaving to market for me.

So, this is called ~L~O~V~E~ I guess. :)

That's why I say, I think I have the best husband in the world. :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bear & Cat Talk

Cat: Is your new breast pump heavy?
Bear: It's ok la.. It's only heavier when I put the cooler bag with the frozen ice pack and the storage bottles with milk inside..
Cat: Oh? Why?
Bear: Eh.. 4 bottles of milk plus a n ice pack wor...
Cat: Hmm.. Isn't it the same? After you pump out your milk then you'll feel lighter and the weight goes into your bottles..
Bear: Huh?? Then do you feel lighter after you pee???
Cat: (Signature cheeky smile) Maybe?!?!

Ya, we still do stupid talks..