Sunday, July 31, 2011

New T-Shirt

Aiyo, I just noticed I haven't been blogging for a month... Geezzz....!

Anyway, EG bought me a t-shirt today from Parkson, 1st Avenue. Nice? He wanted to buy this for me when he brought his parents there few months ago and when they were buying some dresses for Eunice.

He told me the Ben 10 t-shirt was very cute. And he insisted to buy for me.

OK loh. So, nice or not?

See the tag - it's for kids @ 10 yrs old.

OK he's happier than me, and he couldn't wait to wash it so that I can wear it soon. I thought it looks like a boy shirt, but he said it's unisex. OK loh....

Later he added:"But if you wear this to church and 'zhong sam' with Chris on Sunday then I dunno har... I saw him wearing Ben 10 t-shirt before...."

Note: Chris is our worship pastor's son, 7 yrs old or 8 yrs old maybe? @.@