Friday, November 08, 2013

Bread Baking

I have been wanting to try bread baking for very long. But I don't have a bread maker (don't plan to get one at the moment), and I cannot imagine how hard it is to knead with hands. And then, I saw Christine's blog posting a no knead crusty bread recipe, it looks so easy and I quickly saved it into my google drive. Still, I wasn't very sure to bake it, until last week.

I tried baking it with wholemeal flour, and I mixed in some cut apricot. And sad to say I am still not very good in my oven setting hence I used fan bake (which I read is 30C hotter than normal bake). And my bread got overbaked. However, it's still tasty. All of us (Yes, including Natalie) finished half of the bread for breakfast and it was so filling that we didn't feel hungry until lunch.

Wholemeal bread with apricot - overbaked.
Very hard but taste is good.

EG said the bread is good. Asked me to do it again. So, this round I followed the recipe carefully and precisely. I went to buy bread flour, and still I added in cut apricot. And this time, I used Bake function in my oven. I remember I put my bread dough into the oven and I went to bath with my girls upstair. When all of us are ready, when I opened my room door, Eunice said, "Wow mummy, the bread smells so nice...!" I was sooooo happy - that was one of the greatest motivation.

And when I went to the oven and see my bread - the satisfaction cannot be described. I just looked and looked at it and felt so happy about it. It was big and nice, but I had to cut them up so that I can keep them in some container. I had to admire it for a while before cutting them up. Silly me! :D

Tadaa! A successful attempt!
Fluffy bread inside.. Yummy!
Some asked me if the bread is very hard. No! The skin is crispy and the inside is soft. Well it's not so nice to eat just plain like this but if you put on butter and cheese, Wow, it's so good! :)

After that EG got really addicted to the bread. He told me he doesn't want to buy the normal bread out there anymore. So this round I tried the no knead herb wheat bread that Christine posted up after a few days. Again, it's NICE! But I forgot the step to shape it nicely, so the shape looks funny. However, it still tastes very good.

3rd attempt with Italian herb. Smell very very good :)

While I cut the bread into 3 portions to store in container, both my girls couldn't wait to taste the bread. And guess what, the two small girls (~14kg + ~9kg) finished 1/2 of my 1/3 bread, that means it's 1/6 of the bread. I really think it's quite a lot for 2 small girls - but they like it. As long as they like it, mummy is happy. It's homemade and I am pretty sure it's healthy. :)

So now, I am so addicted to bread making. I am still not getting a breadmaker. I think I'll stick to this recipe until everyone gets bored, and I think, it'll last for a while before they get bored. :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Spouse as Colleague

EG and I have been colleagues for quite a while. Hmm...

When I first came to Penang in 2006, we were colleague for a month before he moved to the current work place.

After 3 years, I joined his work place as well, in different department of course.

However, for the first 4 years of my career here, we're working in the same floor, just different wing. So we'll run into each other in the pantry (shared), or when we're going to toilet or meeting rooms. But no, we don't work together, and we don't attend meeting together. His work and my work are totally different.

Friends once asked us if we are bored that we see each other almost all the time. We talked about this but no, we don't. I guess it means we're having a very healthy relationship. :D... We have lunch together almost everyday - unless we have team lunch or personal errand to attend to. The only time when we don't see each other probably is during office hour.

EG always tells me that not everyone has the chance to work in the same company together with their spouse (though it's getting common now), and we must appreciate this opportunity. I used to think that he's silly but I have to agree with him. There are times when we can discuss our company's products together, the design or manufacturing issues, and gossip about the politics in the office because we know the same people, same bosses, same management. Well, I guess there's really not many people can have this kind of "luxury".

I don't go to EG's cube often, but he comes to mine more often - that's his rule, I dunno why he doesn't like me going his cube but it's fine. I lazy to walk over there anyway. :).. And there are times when I find some funny notes appearing in my cube. And the best part is, when I asked him, he'd say no first. And I'll be looking around to find who left the note/stuff at my place before he admitted it's actually him. Ya, cheeky.

Some drawings on my board from EG for the past 4 years.
Colleagues actually avoided rubbing them or writing onto
them as they said it's very nicely drawn.
My silly "colleague" message in my FB while
moving my cube from 3rd floor to 2nd floor.

A drawing on my notebook that gave me a shock
when I came back from toilet break.
A note that EG took and gave to me in my cube
when I was so stress out with my work. :)

Now we're not in the same floor anymore. More "privacy". :P.. However we still bump into each other quite often because we're in the same building. There are times when I heard people "jut jut" (make the funny noise with the lips like how you ask for order in mamak stall) me in office corridor and I know it's definitely him without turning my head over.

Anyway, I am going to work in this place for 5 years already and it's quite fun to have my husband as my colleague in the same floor/building for the past 5 years. It does add some beautiful memories to my career life. :D

Monday, June 10, 2013

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Experience

My life has been almost the same everyday ever since the arrival of my Natalie. And days seem to pass so much faster when we have 2 children. It's all about work - cook - feed - take care of kids - go out occasionally for a breather - repeat.

We went for Aus trip for 10 days (ahh.. I wonder if I'll ever have chance to blog about it), and after my trip, I had a very bad toothache at the back of my tooth. First, I suspected it's wisdom tooth problem. I couldn't open my mouth big to even brush teeth, or eat. It's that painful. I nibbled while I bit apple for snacks, and I couldn't eat a full mouthful because I couldn't open my mouth big when I was very very hungry (thanks to breastfeeding!). That's really a torture for me when I couldn't eat well!

I called up a dentist for appointment to check, but I could only scheduled it after a week since the appointments were all full. While waiting, the pain got better. And I thought, Ah, probably it's just some pimples caused by heat during the trip. 

Nay, I was very wrong. The dentist said it's because of wisdom tooth and it's buried deep inside that he couldn't do any surgery or procedure for me. And I need to go to Adventist for specalist aid. Geee! So, I quickly made an appointment on a Monday and off EG and I went together.

I was very scared of the procedure, I am not sure why. My friend said I can endure the most painful child birth then what's this for me? Ah, there's some truth in there but still I was terrified deep inside me. EG knew me well and hence he accompanied me and kept whispering to me that it'll be fine in the dentist room.

I had to take an x-ray on my teeth, and to my horror the procedure can be done immediately in the dentist clinic. Well, they called it a surgery, so I was expecting something like a surgery room or etc. Nope, after Dr Heng (the specialist) checked, and he did the surgery for me on the spot.

I am not sure if it's a good idea to share the details *grin* but as a summary, he said he'll need to cut my gum, break the bones at the gum, cut the tooth into 3-4 pcs, and take them out. I was, really, REALLY terrified. I think my tears were already in my eyes and I held my two hands very tightly together. The LA surely helped to numb and I couldn't feel anything at all. However, all the grilling or drilling or knocking sounds IN MY MOUTH was very traumatizing.

Dr Heng said he'll extract my upper tooth as well since it's of no use and its "partner" is now gone. So, he pulled it out.

And my wisdom reduced 50%. :(....

In the midst of the procedure

My "broken" tooth and an extracted tooth, with all the ka-chang...
EG took a pic while I did the surgery or procedure or whatever you called it. I was then prescribed antibiotics and panadol and painkillers. My mouth was numb and I couldn't talk well. However, the pain was bearable, it was some dull pain. I only took antibiotics for 3 days (yeap I didn't finish the course :P), and panadols on the first & 2nd day. My face was swollen, and there was some dull pain in my mouth. And I went on soft diet for 2-3 days and I could eat well after that. But I couldn't chew on the "operated" side until probably after 2 weeks.

Many friends told me their experiences on wisdom tooth extraction, mostly caused migraine due to the pain, but mine was fine. I believe the specialist skill is one of the key reasons. Anyway, this is surely an experience in my life that I wouldn't want to go through anymore. So I have the other two of my wisdom teeth will stay well behaved, so that I can retain some of my wisdom also lah... (Ya, stupid reason I know).

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Super Clean Compound

EG always likes to try new things. So, he saw this  cleaning compound when he was  in Thye Huat the other day. And he bought it and wanted to use it to clean our keyboard.

He tried at home (I didn't see), and told me it's very effective, and asked me to try in my office keyboard. Ah, my office keyboard is very dirty - since I've been here almost 5 years already. And I eat here, drink here, so imagine all the food crumbs, hair, etc.

Keyboard before cleaning

So I put the soft, jelly-ish compound on my keyboard. Btw, it's supposed to be in clear color. EG used it to clean the keyboards of our laptops and PC at home,  hence it has turned greenish. Looks geli, I know. :)..

The "jelly" on my keyboard
 I think it's quite effective because of its texture, it can slit into the small gaps between the keys of keyboard and pick up all the small things, even dust, hair, etc. So, look at my keyboard after running the "jelly" on my keyboard back and forth for a few times.

Keyboard after cleaning

Not a bad invention I must say. Best thing is, it's only RM4 in Thye Huat.

Sunday, March 03, 2013




 But someone post this:

So true.


Thursday, February 07, 2013


Echo-ing supercolossal.  

Sunday, January 20, 2013

5 Years Anniversary

It's our 5 years anniversary this year. 5 years, with 2 beautiful children. Many told us well done. I somehow can't believe that we have been husband and wife for 5 years. How time flies.

With two children, it's tough to plan for any getaway trips that we wanted to, also we're saving up our leaves for CNY and later this year. Hence, we kept it simple, and went to Kampachi in Equatorial for buffet lunch. I have been wanting to go for quite some times, especially on my birthday, but it always didn't happen due to many reasons! Sigh... So this time, I was very determined to go! :)

Overall, the food is good. Sashimi is good. EG and I both whacked 1 plate each. :D.. It's fresh and soft. Beef is very good too. We are not a very big eater hence we have to be careful with our intake so we can try many types of food.  While eating the buffet, I had to feed Natalie once. I told EG, good la, she burnt my calories and I could eat more. Wahahaha! :).. EG said Eunice enjoyed the buffet more than us. :).. For Natalie, she fussed a bit but still we could stayed there for 1.5 hours, so she has been a good girl also. :)

Foooood... Yums!

Some pics of my girls eating..

Some pics of us

While on our way back to the car park, EG took a nice pic of me and my girls. Love the shot. Everyone looks happy. :)
Me and my girls
Since last year December, I have been thinking of a special gift for EG. We're not gift person so we don't really buy things for each other. My colleague Cindy introduced me to scrapbooking, and I bought a mini album kit from her online shop. However, I only started doing it a week before my anniversary. When? I had to do it when everyone was sleeping soundly, because it's supposed to be a surprise! :)... EG slept with Eunice in her room so I could do in my room with a dim light while Natalie was sleeping. Yea, and that made my panda eyes worse last week.

Anyway, being a guy, EG wasn't VERY touched, but he said it's nice. I know he's a heart person so I am pretty sure he'll show me this album many years later and told me how he treasured it, just like some the small souvenir that I did for him many many years ago before we were even couple!

Our 5 years journey together as husband and wife
While I was doing this, I found it's so interesting to do scrapbooking. Now I know why people love doing it. However, it'll require some investment in all those kits and papers. I'll see if my interest will continue before I try more later. Nevertheless, I think for a first timer, I had done a good job. :)

5 years together, and I truly believe the best is yet to come! I thank God for His abundant blessing upon us and our little family of four now. And I truly believe there will be more blessings ahead of us and I am sure that we'll continue to grow old together as a lovely couple. :)

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Family Portrait Shots

Happy New Year! :)

EG and I took a week off on the last week of December since babysitter is off. No, we didn't go anywhere but stayed in Penang to spend time with parents and kids, and celebrated Christmas.

We got our friend Daniel to help us to take some simple family portrait shots, since this is going to be the family size for the next 2-3 years. And we plan to give to our parents during CNY this year. :). My MIL bought 2 similar dresses for my two girls during Christmas so I thought that's the best outfit for two of them.

It's such a challenge to take pictures with children. Eunice will have her mood, but thank God she was still willing to take pictures, just not smiling, sometimes not looking at camera.. Natalie fussed and slept during the photo shoot session, and getting her to look at the camera is really a BIG challenge.

After taking the few shots, EG and I are already tired and don't feel like taking more with other postures. No mood. So, we stopped since we're happy with the pictures. :)

I am still waiting for Daniel to give me the edit copies, but below are some of my favorite shots. Sorry for the blur picture coz I re-take the pic with my iPhone. I am too lazy to download and resize the pictures. Excuse me for that but as a mother of two now, I really don't have much time left. :)

Nat slept in her rocker and we finally could take some pic in peace :)
My two pretty girls

Family shot after Nat woke up
Another family shot

I love this shot :)
And this is my fav shot on my pretty little baby Nat :)