Monday, August 20, 2007

Chinese Learning

EG's mandarin has improved a lot ever since we were together. Now, he could communicate better. The most recent "exam" that he took - fetching & talking to 4 uncles & aunties from Miri without me in the car - has also proven that his Chinese level has improved tremendously. Thanks to ME!!!

There are a lot of incidents when he realised that knowing how to read has a lot of advantages. He has been talking about learning how to write and the plan for the learning has been delaying and delaying, until we walked into Popular last Sunday.

I remember when I was in primary school, I used to write a lot of chinese words in a kind of exercise book that also taught you the strokes of the words (笔顺). I thought that will be a good start for EG. I was browsing through all the exercise books that I could get from him at Primary 1 section. To my surprise, kids nowadays are very smart. Primary 1 books now are very much more difficult than my time! They have comprehension with questions to answer. 20 years back, I think every chapter only has les than 15 characters

But anyway, I found two books that is quite useful for him to start.

Cover of the books

Contents - Looks Familiar?

EG started writing one page last night, and seriously speaking, his hand writing was not too bad and he's really paying attention to the strokes & the vocabulary.

EG's hand writing - Not bad right? :P

So, I am his chinese teacher at home. He called me "deng lao shi" (邓老师), made it funnier and more interesting. I tried to be strict and told him I'll give him spelling test anytime. And if he didn't write it well, I'd ask him to erase all and re-write everything.

But being as cheeky as he always be, he started to ask stupid questions...

EG (with hamsap look): deng lao shi, ni you nan peng you ma? (邓老师,你有男朋友吗?)



Yengs said...

deng laaoo shhhiiii....hehehe :P

Kee Sitt said...

Haiyo...the 2 of you beary cute lah the character ...