Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baby's name

After I am married, most people will ask me two questions whenever they see me.

1. So, how's your married life? Standard answer - Good.
2. So, when are you planning to have your baby? Standard answer - not yet.

I got so tired answering these questions.

As age is catching up, most of my friends are all moving onto the next stage of their lives - getting married. Then, next, have or going to have their first baby, some are already on their ways getting their 2nd baby. A lot of my friends from church, university or schools are pregnant, and a few of them have already delivered.

I found out all kids have quite canggih names nowadays. It triggers me to think, what would I name my children when I have them next time?

I stumbled into babynamesworld while being busy-body to help a friend to choose an English name for his coming daughter. So, I started to surf for my future kid's names too.

For girl, I like the name Sarah. It means Princess. In the Old testament in Bible, Sarah was a very pretty lady even when she was 60+ years old. For boy, it's hard to get a name as there are so many boys in my church. Most nice names are taken - Josh, Sean, Isaac, etc etc. Finally, I found Ethan. It's also a hebrew name means strong and optimistic, solid and enduring.

My suggestion & proposal was approved by EG. So our future kids' names will be Ethan & Sarah.

For the chinese names, it's much harder to think of a meaningful name. So I'll just take it easy as time comes. My friend sent me a list of chinese names with surnames and I am not in the mood to go through them yet. :P

For my friends, if you're planning for your kids, please remember that I have reserved these two names, ok? It might be confusing later if our kids have the same names. :P. *I am just kidding*

By the way, this doesn't mean that we're ready for babies.

No, we're not ready.

So stop asking!!


Chris said...

but if not boy not girl prepare some names ler...**just kidding**...nice names....!

Faith said... worry, i m not going to use Ethan for my boy.

So when are you ready for baby?keke

siaw khur said...

nice name, special and not commonly used...

pENguiN~ said...

Chris: If not boy not girl then what would it be?! :P

Faith: TOld you not ready lo...!! I'll be ready when I am ready. :P

SK: Remember I reserved the name already ar... :P

Beach Boy said...

Ethan Chew = Chew E Than 周一蛋
Sarah Chew = Chew Sa Lad 周沙拉

Just for jokes only...

pENguiN~ said...

Beachboy.. You're funny!! :P ... I definitely won't take ur suggestion. :P