Monday, May 14, 2007

Bear & Cat Talk

The Bear was accompanying The Cat to the bank to withdraw some money from the ATM machine.

Cat: Did you realize that everytime when we take money from ATM machine, your ATM card will come out first then only followed by the money?
Bear: Ya hor...
Cat: Don't understand why they want to do this. Why can't the money come out first, then only the ATM card?
Bear: Maybe they want to make sure you remember to take the ATM card.
Cat: Hmm?
Bear: Ya, because you'll never forget to take your money. So your card should come out first before your money so that you won't forget to take your card.
Cat: Ya hor! Bear why are you so smart today?! I never know you can be so smart!!
Bear: Hey com'on. I was a Business Analyst before. I drew process flows! Duh~!!

The Cat was hungry. The Bear was preparing to cook a simple fried omelets with ham as an extra dish for dinner.

Cat: <Beating the eggs & adding soy sauce into the beaten eggs>
Bear: Eeee? How do you know you should put soy sauce into eggs?
Cat: Of course I know la... It makes the eggs taste saltier and nicer.
Bear: I thought you won't know since you don't cook...
Cat: Com'on. I know more things that you don't know.
Bear: Yeah right. You don't know about the ATM machine.
Cat: Yah except that one since I was never a BA! Sometimes you can be quite smart also.
Bear: OK, enough. Shut up!

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eg said...

The bear quite smart horrr.. I also dunno why the ATM card should come out first :P