Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why Do You Blog?

Blogging is becoming a trend. Most of my friends around me are doing blogging.

Why do you blog?

I remembered when I first moved to PG, I don't have a lot of friends (yet) except EG. And that's why I started a blog and shared with my good friends in KL to
keep them updated on what is going on.

But later on, my blog becomes a place where I can pour out and express what I think and how I feel - about work, vacation, people around me, etc.

As I moved on, it became another place for me to record the funny moments between me and EG. As time goes by and as we're growing older bit by bit, my memory has been very bad. Blogging is a good way to remember the incidents that happened between us. I always tell him, how funny it'd be when we still read about our stories and jokes in my blog when we are 40, or 50, or even 60 and go on.

I even think that next time, when I have my kids, I'll want to start a blog for them too - to remember how they grow up and stuffs - if I have time.

If you blog, so why do you blog? If you don't blog, you might want to consider to start one.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Hey for me, it all started with reading ppl's blogs...and in the end, forced myself to start one myself...can be quite addictive at times...