Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bear & Cat Talk

On the way to work everyday, Bear and Cat will drive through some nice and big bangalows.

Bear: Can you imagine us staying in these big houses? I mean just two of us... The house is so huge... We might even get lost inside the house.
Cat: Ya...
Bear: Imagine if I have to call you on handphone asked "Oi, where are u? Time for dinner..."
Cat: Haha.. Ya then I'll tell you I am on the 4th floor, go straight the 3rd corridor and turn left to the 5th room or something like that.
Bear: Ya, then I'll ask you "So what time u coming for dinner?"
Cat: And I'll say "Ok ok, I'll reach after 20 minutes. Do you need me to bring anything over like a plate or a pot?" Hahahaha
Bear: Stupid....
Cat: Am I funny? Am I funny??
Bear: -_-"


Bear: (Excited) Hey Cat, do you know what day is today?
Cat: (With bored face) Wednesday....
Cat: (Got smarter, looked at the watch) Oh I know.. I have been prisoned for two months by a fat BEAR!!
Bear: -_-"
Cat: Hahahahaha!!!

Note: It's our two months wedding anniversary. :P

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