Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ghee Seng TomYam Seafood

While the 2008 Malaysian General Election being probably the hottest topic in most of the blog entries, being as ignorant as I have always been, I am going to talk about FOOD. *wink*

Since Penang has been known as the food heaven, one of the things that EG and I have planned to do after our wedding is to hunt for good food in Penang. EG found Ghee Seng Tomyam Seafood restaurant recommended in Cariso-food blog that looks rather impressive. We went and tried it for our dinner tonight.

Dish 1: Thai Lobak.
This Thai Lobak is nice. It's actually otak-otak but they prepared it in lobak style. We were looking for the sauce but they do not have sauce for their lobak. It's a bit dry, but it tastes very nice.

Dish 2: Bird Nest (Prawn balls)

The auntie called it bird nest in hokkien since they look like one. I am not too sure what it's made of but I think it's deep fried shredded yam with prawns inside, served with some sweet sauce. Taste good too!

Dish 3: Clear SeaFood Tomyam

OK this is the main dish that attracted us. However, it wasn't as good as I expected as I think it's TOO spicy. I couldn't taste the tomyam taste but rather I only tasted all the chilis. And there were very little ingredients. I only remembered us eating 1 prawn each, some small sotong and small pieces of fish. Quite a disappointment.

Dish 4: Vegetables

Standard dish for a dinner. Nothing too impressive but there are lots of small prawns.

We later added another fried curry la-la as we were very hungry. I forgot to take the picture, but again, it's just normal and nothing too great.

Cariso-food blog mentioned about the serving speed so I took note of the time. We reached the restaurant around 7.05pm and placed our order at 7.10pm. Food was served in less than 5 minutes (I am SERIOUS!) and we left the restaurant at 7.35pm!

Price? Ah... What do you think? ........ It's only RM25 for 2 rice & 5 dishes. I'd say it's very cheap. Decent food with cheap price. We shall try the other food @ this restaurant again in our next visit.

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Siow Yuen said...

Also proves that you guys eat very fast.. :D