Monday, August 04, 2008

Relaxing Saturday

We went back to Taiping last weekend. It was one of the best weekends I have had. Why? Because, EG's gaming kaki aka his brother has left to KL for college. So, I had >80% of his attention. :P

EG said he wanted to bring me to a new place in Taiping for lunch. There we went to Taiping market. It's not hot or stuffy like most of the places, but rather it has high ceiling, and it's airy. All the stalls have their own hoods to make sure the place is not smoky. Have you ever had the experience whereby others could tell where you went by smelling you? :P

The market

We order two drinks - home cooked healthy Longan & Winter melon.

Refreshing drinks @ RM1 each

I had the urge for improper food on that day, but EG was very hungry. So he ordered the famous Teochew fried kuey teow - according to him, that's the best in Taiping.

Teochew Fried Kuey Teow @ RM3

I saw a stall selling the Apam Balik that I have not been eating for almost 10 years! I remembered my parents used to buy two whole pieces whenever we went visiting my grandmother on every Saturday. That was when I was like... 12 yrs old or 15 years old?! Gosh, it's almost 15 years back!! EG said it's not called Apam Balik, not sure of the exact real name but I heard others calling it Bang Chang Kuih in Hokkien. It tasted good, but will be better if they have more peanuts. :D

Apam Balik or Bang Chang Kuih @ RM0.50 per piece.

Next, we order fried oyster and some fruits rojak. Again, EG said the fried oyster is one of the best in Taiping. For the rojak, it's good too except that it's a little weird as they put sotong in the rojak.

Fried Oyster for RM5

Fruits Rojak with Sotong @ RM3

So after all these, we are 80% full. While leaving the place, EG dropped by his grandma's neighbour's stall to buy some black soya drink - I don't normally see black soya drink around. Do you?

After that, we went to the next most happening place in Taiping - Tesco (:P) to have some "window shopping" to spend the afternoon. We were still having some craving and we bought back 12 pieces of nuggets. Yummy! And I bought one magazine from the book store.

Nuggets from KFC

We headed home after that. EG searched through Daddy's DVD and found National Treasure II by Nicholas Cage. So we watched the show, while enjoying the yummy nuggets and refreshing black soya juice. And I was also flipping through my magazines since I am blessed with multitasking skills (:P).

My new magazine

Ahh... What a beautiful, slow and relaxing Saturday afternoon... ;)


charsiu said...

The KFC nugget box still shows 'KENTUCKY'?? Strange! :)

pENguiN~ said...

Oh ya hor.. maybe because it's from Taiping... :P

Chris said...

Makes me miss melaka...once we go back, sure go for our routine food...satay babi, satay celup, chicken rice ball, o-cien...yummy!!!