Friday, October 31, 2008

Sky Restaurant @ Penang

EG drove to town during lunch time few days ago to send his guitar for some i-dunno-what-and-i-dun-really-care "operation". :P. So, he asked his colleague for a nice place to eat in town - since both of us don't really know the hidden restaurants in Penang. The colleague suggested Sky Restaurant along Chulia Street for the best Char Siew rice in Penang.

It is not hard to spot the coffee shop, it's right underneath the Sky Motel. (Picture downloaded from some other people's website on the net :P). We were there early, slightly before 12 noon and the restaurant is already almost full.

Sky Restaurant

A glimpse in the restaurant

Typical coffee shop

The guy told EG we need to wait for 20 minutes for the food to be served. For drinks, EG ordered a white coffee. Wow, it tastes real good - very kao as how we'd normally say. I feel like I am eating chocolate while drinking it.

The very kao white coffee

After waiting for almost >20 minutes, finally the food is served. They have chicken and duck but EG order char siew siu bak. We also got a soup - there's generous amount of pork rib, and a plate of vegetables (choy sum) with char siew sauce.

The food looks little and we wanted to order more chicken, however, the waiting time is quite long due to the crowd so we cancelled our plan. To my surprise, I was overfed and it last even till my dinner time. The siu bak is nice, but nothing much to boast about. However, the char siew is really really nice - crispy and sweet (I think it's honey glazed). It's sinful, but yummy!

The soup

Vegetables with Char Siew sauce

The sinful but yummy char siew siu bak

We were very satisfied with our lunch and planned to bring our KL friends here the next time when they visit Penang. And oh ya, the price is very reasonable too - total of RM12.50 for everything (exclude drinks). I think it's worth it.

So, there goes my diet plan - but YUM! :P

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