Sunday, October 26, 2008

Orange Peeler

Facebook has been taken too much of my time and it also kills off all my "mood" to blog.

Anyway... What do you think the below silly looking thing is? :D. Well, the title tells it all. It's an orange peeler. EG is an orange lover and oranges are our main fruits after meal almost every day. He bought the orange peeler when we were doing some shopping somewhere and it is very cheap.

To cut oranges, normally we'll use knife and chopping board to cut the oranges. However, as a lazy person as I always be, I am just lazy to wash the knife and chopping board, and clean up the kitchen counter after cutting the fruits. This silly looking kitchen helper does a great job in ease my daily fruit preparation.

Wonder how it works? First, use the broad and flat side of the peeler to "dig" out the i-dunno-what-you-call-it part as like the picture.
Next, place the curved stem into the orange skin. Hold the fruit firmly and just glide it down the orange skin.
You will see the orange skin sliced like the below picture. It nicely separates the orange rind from the fruit.

Some use the flat edge to peel off the orange rind but I use hands. The flat edge can also be used to remove the white bitter pith.
And ta-daa, fruits for the night.
Wonderful tool, right? Try it out and I am sure you'll love it. I tried bringing it to office and it makes the eating orange process so much easier. :)

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