Friday, January 01, 2016

Throwback: My birthday

I am a Boxing Day baby. My mum told me she had a stomachache after Christmas because she ate too much cakes, and she went to the hospital and that's how I came to this world. 

This year, I disabled my Facebook notification for my birthday. And told my sister not to wish me in Facebook - I wanted a very quiet day. Haha! Also, EG's idea is that with this, you'll find out who remembers your birthday. :)

I cooked myself the foochow chicken soup and mee sua every year. Somehow I could cook it MUCH better here than in Penang. I don't know why - maybe it's because of different ginger, or chicken. I can now cook it taste very similar to my parent's!

Chicken soup
Foochow mee sua - mum brought it over for me last year
EG bought me a simple cheesecake from the shop, and we started our photoshooting. Girls were already in their pyjamas but they were smart enough to suggest to put on a jacket to make them look better. Bright idea!

A few tries to get a decent shot

Us with silly faces - except Nat.
She actually said "Sorry daddy I didn't make funny face" when we showed her the picture.
Forgiven because of her cuteness.

We then moved to our kitchen to do the birthday song singing.
Blowing candle after my darlings sang me birthday song

A shot with my two lovely darlings

Love them to bits
Happy birthday to myself! This year birthday I truly think that it's not what you do to make a special day special, but it's who you're with that makes the day extra precious. :)

And truly grateful for some friends who wished me privately. :)

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