Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bear & Cat Talk

On one fine Saturday, while Bear is cooking lunch...

Cat: Bear, your fridge very messy. Let me tidy it up for u...
Bear: OK!

...After 15 minutes....

Cat: Done!
Bear: (Looked into the fridge) Gosh, my fridge is so empty now!
Cat: Yeah, I have "defragged" your fridge for you....
Bear: =.=... And what's my kiwi doing up there with the eggs?!
Cat: It's Dinasaur's egg... with hair!! Kekeke!!
Bear: Very funny... so the one next to it is the Ostrich's egg?


ayumi said...

i can't stop laughing!
i shld do the same to my mom's fridge and see what will she say :P

little prince's mummy said...

Haha.. this is funny!~