Monday, May 12, 2008

Cooking Weekend *again*

Since we ate out last weekend, trying to be a nice wife, I promised EG I'll cook for him this weekend, voluntarily. :P.

During our visit to
Pastamania last weekend, we wanted to order Aglio Olio, but the waiter told us it'll just be pasta with parsley, garlic and olive oil. So, we chose another meal instead. Since we have left over Pasta at home, I surfed net and found that Aglio Olio is really quite easy to be done. To make it nicer, I also prepared the spicy prawns to go together with the pasta.

In the original recipe, I'm supposed to use the chili flakes. To be more cost effective (since I won't use it too often), I replaced with our local cili padi. :D. I combined the cleaned & deveined prawns with the ingredients shown below.

Prawns with the other ingredients, including olive oil (forgot to label ;P)

I cooked the pasta to al-dente. On the non-stick pan, put the prawns in for ~3 minutes. Then, fry the garlic and chilis (hoping to add some spice) with lots of olive oil. Toss the pasta with the garlic oil and parsley. Put them on plates, and serve with prawns on top. And done!

My Aglio Olio

Looks good? However, it didn't taste very good though. It tasted a little flat. I think it would taste nicer if we have some parmeson cheese. Or I should have poured the remaining lemon juiced used for the prawn into the pasta. Need to improve for next cook.

On Sunday, I followed the recipe from Hochiak! with the remaining pork rib that I purposely left over for this - that's why the carrots & onions look more than the pork rib. :P.

Pork Ribs in Plum Sauce

The pork ribs tasted very good - even though they are a bit small pieces cause it's supposed to be meant for soup. :P. However, the gravy is too sweet. Not sure if it's because of the plum sauce that I bought (it said it can be made for drinks too) or I put too much of them? Too much sugar? And not enough corn flour so it's a bit watery. :P.

Anyway, EG still loves it and suggested me to cook for his parents when we're back to Taiping this weekend. *Gulp*. I am still considering and I don't think so. I am not used to cook for others except for him.

I broke my record this weekend as I cooked for 4 meals for both Saturday & Sundays (we skipped breakfast since waking up late :P). I was hell tired and suffering from muscle pain from the hiking of my team building - I'll blog about this later - I could hardly walk. I insisted that a promise is a promise. Imagine me limping around in the house. Yet, after cooking, I have to do most of the washing as EG was busy with his guitar practice and work, and being lazy. -_-".

I start to understand why my mum would lose her mind when we complaint her cooking was not nice or complaint that she cooked the same food everyday. Cooking is not as easy as I thought when it becomes a chore!

So, EG used to ask me if I could cook everyday if we have to stop food catering one day. I tried to imagine if I have to think what to cook after a tiring day at work - Cooking is still ok, but the washing part. Hmm... I think I really need to think about this before I simply say yes... :P


eg said...

Beruang panjat bukit :P

pablopabla said...

Great to see you trying out that recipe. Readjust the seasoning / ingredients to your tastebuds :D

pENguiN~ said...

pablopabla, thanks. I'll definitely try this recipe again. :)

name: da_big_d said...

Nice post. Maybe I need to be more creative on how to post cooking lessons.

Btw, how to add signatures onto the pics?

aiyu said...

you cooked 4 meals in two days!?

1 meal per day is my max :D

Such a good wife, your hubby should appreciate you more!

pENguiN~ said...

da-big-d, I edit in Paint loh. Just add extra text, and save the file. :)

Aiyu, sometimes I prepared for breakfast too... half boiled eggs & toast bread with butter. Yummy! That will be 5 meals per day. Weekend is normally free, so it's a good activity to avoid myself looking /working at my laptop.... :P

pENguiN~ said...

Typo - 5 meals in weekend (2 days) :P