Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me =)

EG asked me how I'd want to celebrate my birthday this year. And as usual, I told him no need. =)

My mum used to cook some nice food on each of our birthday - like our favorite fried chicken wings, or fried golden boiled eggs. And when my dad saw it, he'll ask why the special food and normally make this funny comment:"Everyone also has birthday, so what so special about yours?" :P... I thought it's quite funny.

This year, I told EG I wanted a quiet birthday. Just two of us - as usual. We again went to Blue Reef for a nice dinner, ordering the same food :P. And before we went back Taiping for the long weekend, we got two small slices of cakes from Secret Recipe. EG sang me a birthday song, gave me a kiss on the cheek (and gave another kiss on my tummy :P). Then we had the cakes while watching the Lord of the Rings in TV8 (with no ending =.=).

My 1st birthday cakes

EG asked his parents to order my favorite pandan layer cake. But I insisted that there's no birthday song or cake cutting ceremony.. I shy... :).. So i just cut the cake and whacked half of it... Yummy! :)

My 2nd birthday cake

This is my last birthday with starting with number 2. I don't feel anything special, but just feel that time really flies. And as usual, I just feel happy and contented with my life. For me, that's the most important thing of all. :)

Happy Birthday, Penguin~!

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