Friday, April 29, 2011

New Toy

Gee... work has been SO BUSY that I couldn't even find some time to blog in my personal blog, though I have so many things to blog about! Being a mummy now makes life even busier!

EG and I have been thinking about upgrading our old panasonic lumix camera since last year. But we couldn't find any camera that we like. Either we don't want to pay so much for a compact camera, or we just couldn't afford a good DSLR, or couldn't find a justification on why we should spend so much on a DSLR that we might not use in the end.

And here comes Canon 550D. My friend used it to shoot Eunice first birthday party video and we thought 1) it's not THAT heavy 2) it's not THAT expensive too. But we still waited for a while, till Canon lauched 600D, and 550D price dropped RM500! And we went and get it! :P

For me, I just snap with the default setting. But EG will play with the settings (so much so for an engineer :P). And he has been busy experimenting with different settings on the cameras which doesn't really interest me. :P... That just shows that I'm definitely not a camera person. But I love this new toy, I could take really nice pictures on my active girl now. :). And the best thing is, I can use it to take videos too! :D

Some of my first experience with my first DSLR with my pretty girl at home:


Anonymous said...

Wah... can expect more nice photo of your gerger soon! :)

You were shooting full auto? Canon's auto white balance tend to give some yellowish tint.

pENguiN~ said...

KC, HAHA i dunno what setting is it. I just make sure the picture is not blurrrrr :D... paiseh.. :P

Chris said...

Now can invest in a speedlight...friendly to the eyes (especially babies) and definitely gives greater will demand more from your dslr when you start to shoot more and want more... :D