Monday, March 28, 2011


My husband has a very special taste in movies. He collects DVDs, and most of his DVDs are the movies which are not shown in the cinema. It's one of his hobbies to collect good movies, according to him. However, I'm not interested in most of his movies because they are mostly mafia shows, some war shows, or some i-dont-know what show also. It's always violent, and saddening, though he said some of them are real life stories. But one thing I'm sure that these shows will never go up to the cinema because if it ever does, I think half of the movie will be muted, as most of the movies are full of foul languages. :P.

Few nights ago, after my Eunice fell asleep, as I came downstair, I saw EG watching one of his weirdo shows. Since I didn't feel like sleeping yet, I sat down and watched together. And I got hooked! The show talks about coincidence. There're many things going on with different people in the show in 24 hours, and in the end it shows how all these people are related to each other.

We used 2 nights to finish the show (it's 2 hours+ long), and after I finished the show, EG was laughing at me (as this is one of the rare times when I sat down and watched his show), and asked if the show is nice. My answer to him is: If anyone asked me what is this show about, I wouldn't know how to answer! There's no story line or drama going on. It's just some life stories of a few people in a city. Or like wikipedia says: Magnolia is an epic mosaic of several interrelated characters in search of happiness, forgiveness and meaning in the San Fernando Valley.

No doubt, it's very mind throbbing. It makes me think a lot. Even until now I still don't understand some parts of the movie (though I have been reading the synopsis in wiki over and over again). But one thing I learnt in the movie is, there's something called Raining Animals. And in this show, it was raining frogs! Ewwwww.... it was really really gross.....!

I have to agree with EG that it's not a bad movie really. A very different show with bizzare storyline. Just too many foul languages. That's why we can only watch when Eunice is asleep. :)

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