Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Membercard

I used to read a lot when I was younger, like when I was a teenager. I remember reading after my mum off the lights. And I remember my mum had to keep my novels so I will go study my textbook for the next day test, instead of reading the novel.

But I was reading more on Chinese books, more on sci-fi books. Reading the Wisley series. Somehow along the way, I stopped reading somehow. EG has been trying to make me read again but he failed miserably. 

Moving here, library is so easily accessed. Every suburb has a good library well stocked with many books. I called it EG's heaven. There's this library opposite my office, in walking distance. I went over one day during lunch time and was pretty impressed. So, in my heart, I made it a new resolution to pick up reading again. And finding chinese books is definitely a tough task here (there's one rack of chinese books though!) as there's limited variety. So, I'll venture into english books then.
My library member card
Library membership is free, and I can borrow up to 70 items! There're DVDs in the library - but most children one are on loan - you need to be quick and fast in getting them. We've been getting Disney cartoons for the girls.

I tried to get some books for myself but I am totally lost in the library looking at the books. So, in order to make sure I don't give up, EG has been getting books from the library at the Uni that he works in. So far I have read one book and reading another one, and I try to read when I am sleeping the children, or when I am on the public transport. Like eg, he's reading on the tram. :D

I hope I will start to put down the phone with all the whatsapp and Facebook, and start to read more.


eg said...

Ya.. put that phone down!!!

pENguiN~ said...

OK boss :P