Sunday, May 07, 2006

I miss all of you!

Have been in Penang for almost 6 months. A lot of friends asking me how I am doing here.

Truthly speaking, I think I prefer Penang more than KL. Traffic is lesser, places are nearer, food is cheaper, etc etc. Shopping in Penang is not as good as KL, but I am getting used to it as I don't really shop. However, I really miss my dearest zi muis and my CDC gang in KL. Besides, I also miss my family a lot since I am now even much further away from them. These are the main things that I have been missing all these while.

I was browsing through some of the old pics that I have in this laptop. Looking at those pics make me miss them even more. Always think that Friends are valuable in our lives, esp when we have been through so much together. I miss the hang out at cafes till late night, the gossiping sessions before sleep, the ghost movie sessions, the eating sessions, the karaoke sessions, etc etc.

Anyway, C'est La Vie! Like a friend said, life is like a flow of river stream. There's no where that we can cling on for forever. Everyone has to move on for their future, for their planning, for a better ones. Sometimes I still feel sad thinking back about all the good times that we had. I hope one day I can get over it, but friends, if you're reading this, you know I am talking about you and I can tell you, I really miss you a lot. I know all of us are busy at work, but please do drop me a mail so that we still know all our whereabouts.

Muaks.. All the best to my zi muis, my ex-housemates and my CDC gang. I really really miss you guys.....


Janice said...

Hehe i know u are talking bout me lah.. the big "gossiper" hahahah.. i miss u too leh.. tears brimming liao... sad sad..anyway glad to know u r doin fine lah.. but 6 months seems so long long time ago leh....i feel that u have been there for ages leh

shizuka said...

winnie the teng... yeah.. i miss you a lot too.. esp when i need someone to talk to...when i m lonely and need someone to tell me stories...but really glad to know that u like penang life... hehee.. penang woh.. nice place and nice ppl.. :">:">.. like me... :">