Sunday, May 07, 2006

About ME!

I like to relate myself to the pooh bear, especially when we're having the same name. I also like to call myself penguin, as someone said before I used to walk like a penguin, but I believe I have improved a lot in this aspect.

From the usual comments around me, friends have been knowing me as the happy go lucky kind of person. I guess this is the profile that I portrait to the others. I like to laugh, I believe it's a good way to release stress. Also, I like to talk a lot. I can tell people all about me, from the stories when I was born, until the stories of my youngest brother, cousins, nephews and nieces. Friends used to ask me before if I ever get angry, of course I do. But I think no one will want to come near me when I am really angry. *blush*. I like to be transparent to the others, and yet, there's some hidden things about me that I wouldn't want anyone to know about it.

Looks can be deceiving, so come and know me more before you conclude anything about me. *wink*...

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