Thursday, October 12, 2006

Post Trip... Audit (?)

In my Langkawi trip, we kept all our receipts and entrance tickets. Not for any memory purpose, but for AUDIT!!!

We did an audit after the Langkawi Trip - to check on our total we have spent in the trip.

We even drew a pie chart for the total expenses that we spent in Langkawi.

(I am not good in playing with graphics in Blog, and I have no idea why the pics is so small.. anyway you can click on it to see a bigger chart. :P)

We actually spent 56% of the total expenses on SHOPPING!! Oh my gosh.. Followed by the logistic (car, petrol, tolls, ferry fares, etc). And pathetically we only spent 5% in our food. Well, both of us don't really eat much and our breakfast was FILLING enough for us to have light lunch.

You must be wondering, what the heck did we buy in Langkawi?! Hehehehe....

To make the story short (everyone knows I can be long winded in telling stories...), below are the few things that we got from Langkawi:

  • Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio - Men's perfume
  • Issey Miyake Limited Edition 2006 (I LOVE IT) - Women's perfume (very good deal, 100ml for less than RM200, some more limited edition..... )
  • Dom - RM75 compare to RM92 outside Langkawi
  • Chocolates - Of course!!
  • 2 cute handphone bags
  • Billabong wallet for brother
  • Sembonia leather wallet (for myself)

And last but not least

I know I know, most probably you'll be thinking why the hell we bought a FRYING PAN from Langkawi. Well... it's really cheaper there and my dear has an obsession for nice looking kitchen ware. I even suggested him to sleep with the pan since he loves it so much. *wink*. Anyway, the pan looks really nice as it's made of glass. Heavy, but looks elegant! I think I might use only when I am ready to cook, probably after 3-5 years? Hehehehe....

Also, after my trip, I also had more pimples - I FORGOT TO PUT SUNBLOCK ON MY FACE!!!!! My face was dry with small little irritating zits, and old + new pigmentation all floating up!! It freaked me out for a week until my lovely dearest Jourdeness saved it last week. *Phew*


eg said...

It's Dom not Dome :P

Chris said...

LOL...was thinking Langkawi has a Dome outlet??? And Winnie bought it for RM75?? walao ehhhh...:D:D:D

pENguiN~ said...

Paiseh... always make this mistake... corrected it anyway. :)