Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Trip to Langkawi

After shouting for holidays for months.. finally my trip to Langkawi came true.

Yippiieee yay yay yippiiieee yipppiiiieee yayy........ :D

This isn't the first time me going to Langkawi... I've been there with my bunch of great friends when we visited Jitra. We had a lot of fun there too... and we just couldn't stop talking about the trip for at least a week! I used to think that you'll need to go vacation with a group of friends then only it'll be fun.

Well, this trip proved me wrong!

This trip has been superbly fantastic even though only two of us went together. I have been looking over and over at the ~240 pics (yeah, 240 pics in 3 days 2 nights) we took and just can't stop grinning from ear to ear when i recalled what really happened there. The jokes, the funny faces, hilarious things that we have done, etc etc.
All the pictures in that trip look just FANTASTIC. Well, i can't deny that I had a real good photographer (maybe the camera is good too.. hehehe...).

I guess when someone is really happy, all the pictures will look good. I still can't get bored of the photos even though i have been looking at them for almost 20 times. They're just... TOO NICE....

Below are some of the great scenaries taken...

Again, I thank God for

  1. the bestest weather during the trip - no haze, no rain, bright and sunny! Too good to be true!
  2. the great little kancil that we rented - quite nice to drive... REALLY!
  3. the marvellous resort that we stayed - researched through internet, turned out real good! Good breakfast, and great beaches!
  4. the great sunset that we almost missed
  5. my fast learning skills in reading map (kekeke) - managed to go all the places of interest that we intended
  6. all the shoppings (chocs, perfumes, wallet, FRYING PAN) that we did - with the greatest deal in the whole island!!
  7. all the great time that we had...

It's the greatest-est trip that i had ever had.

I guess, it all matters who you're going with. *wink*... Hehehehe...


smelly cat said...

Got so nice borr :D

Chris said...

cool pics winnie...wanna go try the cable car ler...kekkekeke