Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cat & Bear Talk

Cat: (While washing dishes in kitchen) Bear, so today where did you bring your US colleagues for lunch?
Bear: (Replying emails in the next room) Oh, since they're vegetarians, we brought them to Tan Hsiang for Chinese vegetarian.
Cat: Tan Hsiang ah... Is it the one beside CCOP one?
Bear: Where is CCOP?
Cat: The one beside Tan Hsiang la...
Bear: What the f***... What you talking....
Cat: **Laughing** What's wrong?!
Bear: It's like you asked me where is Chung Hua, i tell you it's next to St. Joe. And you ask me where is St. Joe, i tell you it's next to Chung Hua... What the toot you talking man....
Cat: **Laughing till losing breathe** Do you know that you're very funny?!

Note: CCOP - Charismatic Church of Penang

1 comment:

Chris said...

Hey I think the cat sounded funnier...!!!