Monday, December 24, 2007

Wedding Ceremony in Miri

I just had my wedding ceremony & dinner in Miri, Sarawak (my hometown) for my friends and relatives last Friday. If you know me well, this wedding news shouldn't be a surprise for you. Both EG and I have been planning for our wedding since end of 2006.

We went back to Miri on Tuesday. Dinner on Friday. Came back Penang again on Sunday. It's very hectic, worse for my parents. Well, good thing is, most of the stuffs and plannings are settled by parents and sister. I just need to make sure I do what I need to do - i.e. my manicure, and etc. I was searching high and low for nail trimming & painting in Miri. In Penang, it only costs RM10 for that service. To my surprise, Miri price is higher - it ranges from RM15 to RM20. So, I went to one of the popular shop where most brides in Miri will go (according to my sister) and did a weird color. Well, it looks weird at first, but later I think they are not too bad eventually.

It looks like french manicure but it's not.
The girl told me that's the new pattern. Hmm...

My mum managed to find me a makeup artist that came to my house to do makeup for me at a reasonable price. I slept at 12.30am and woke up at 6am to get ready and makeup session started at 6.30am till 7.45am. I was tired, but guess what, my parents slept for ~3 hours and started preparing the food at 3am for relatives during the tea ceremony. They were more excited than me. First time being in-law i guess. :P

Makeup from 6.30am

The tea ceremony is very much simplified. We only serve tea for my parents. For the other uncles, aunties & cousins, we just need to nod to them to introduce the new member in our family (EG!!) and they will then put ang pows into EG's pocket. Luckily that his shirt has a pocket at the front.

Tea for parents

My parents didn't decorate much in the house but they just did what the others told them to do. There is a shop in Miri selling all wedding stuffs. One of my aunties told my mum that there should be a pair of candles lighting up during the tea ceremony - symbolising that there is light - ???. I don't understand but it looks nice anyway. And guess what, the stupid candles cost RM20. Well, wedding ma, once a life time.

Some nice candles

Anyway, all in all, it went on well. Thank God that everything went on smoothly as planned. Below are some of the nice pics taken and I love them lots!

One of the switches in my room

My wedding band & the bible
Creative shot by both my brothers (apparently copied from some website :P)

I am still waiting for the other pictures during the wedding dinner. I had a glance at them and they were great! Hopefully I can get them soon and blog about it here!

PS: I wanted to be mysterious on who the photographer was during my wedding in Miri but I couldn't hold it anymore! It was my brother. I am amazed by his camera and his slightly improved skills. Of course he has lots more to improve on but I am rather happy with most of the pics so far. Not bad right?! :D

PPS: For more pictures, check out my wedding website. :)


Charsiu said...

Hello Penguin,
Congratulations!!! Really happy for you... :) I love the shots, especially the switch in your room, very retro fell.

aiyu said...

Cool pictures !

Congratulation ! :) :)

Chris said...

Half the 'job' completed...yay...hehehe...congrats!!!

pENguiN~ said...

Charsiu, Aiyu & Chris, thanks!! :)

Amy said...

Sorrry i missed your big day in miri.. but still all the best wishes to you :)

may God bless you much much in ur new chapter :)

pENguiN~ said...

Hey Amy, it's ok. Your parents represent you ma... :D

muse said...

hello there, hi,
i was just wondering if you could help hubby is gonna on a project in Miri & so I wanna do some pre-wedding photography (we had our solemnisation but not the reception yet) in Miri. We have a photographer but now we need a MAKE-UP ARTIST/HAIRSTYLIST. was wondering if u could help us with giving the info of yours for me to contact her coz i'm gonna be in KL for the moment. thanx!

Anonymous said...

Hi Penguin,

I just came across your blog through googling as I am looking for a wedding makeup artist who is based in Miri. Appreciated if you can give me the contact of the makeup artist that you are hiring during your big day. Thanks!
You may email me at


poyzk said...

Hi Penguin,
Nice pictures in the blog. Can you let me know where can I find a manicure shop and makeup service in Miri? My wife and I are going to Miri to attend a wedding dinner, so she is looking for minicure and makeup service too. Thanks. Please email to Thanks.
Regards, John

Thai Ching said...

Hi penguin,
i stumbled upon your blog while doing research on finding a good wedding makeup artist in miri. i am not originally from miri but my fiance is from miri. i am currently based in overseas. I was just wondering the makeup artist that you used for your wedding reception, is she good? if you don't mind, can you please share with me your wedding website so that i can have a look at her masterpiece? :) thanks penguin. would really appreciate your help.

take care


pENguiN~ said...

Thai Ching,

I forgot the name of the wedding studio i went for my makeup but I remembered my hubby commented that it wasn't nice, neither for him nor me. :)

But i know in Miri, the most famous makeup artist is from Santiago. I think the MUA's name is Lawrence. You can check it out.

My wedding website is:

Good luck!

wwchee said...

Lawrence has opened his own Bridal shop called Lawrence bridal! Highly recommended!