Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Priority Fitness

After considering for almost >6 months, EG and I finally signed up Priority Fitness near Ivory Plaza, Penang. Some commented that: Hey, dieting for your wedding huh?. But in fact, I always think it's too late to do that when we only have less than 1.5 months to our wedding day.

So, if it's not for wedding, then why? EG is always a very health conscious person. Recently, due to the stress and heavy workload in work place, I was having constant headache everyday. I get frustrated & irritated easily, lost my temper easily, couldn't focus in any meetings or projects, feel sleepy all the time, and etc. There's once when I didn't wait for the lift and climbed up the staircases to my place (I stay in 2nd floor), I couldn't catch my breathe and my heartbeat doubled. Knowing that I really need to workout, and knowing that I'll never go jogging (*Note: I could never run), after EG's persuasion and a lot of calculations, we finally paid to Priority Fitness for 6-8 months membership.

Since both EG and I are working in MNC, the Gym offered us great deals. We paid around RM50+ per month (after prorated) and we could use the facilities in the Gym unlimitedly. Besides that, the Gym has at leats 2 classes every evening - be it Yoga, Belly dancing, Cardio, Aerobics, Modern Jazz - and we could join all of them.

So far, EG and I are making it a habit to go at least for an hour for each visit for twice a week. So far, I am just trying to run and do some cardio exercises. I haven't tried out any of the classes yet but I am planning to once I got my stamina built up to a better level - Or else, I'll just join for 10 minutes and rest for 1 hour.

It feels good to workout. It feels good to sweat out. My headache is now gone and I feel more fresh on the next day after the workout. I am not sure if it's psychological effect or it's really the effect after workout. But knowing that I always get bored of things fast, I hope I'll keep going for the next 6 months - not for beauty or looking good, but more for my own health.

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