Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Dinosaur Eggs

EG hates lizards very much. He'd chase them around the house to make sure there's no survivor in our house whenever he sees a lizard. I have seen him chasing a poor lizard with the whole bottle of pesticide, spraying at the lizard from the kitchen to the bedroom in our old apartment last time, until the poor little fella got dizzy and fell down. Then, he picked the fella up and threw it down, and make the stupid "Ahhhh..." sound for the lizard while it's falling down. =.=. Now, in our new place where there's more access for lizards to enter, I can hear "bing bang" sound upstair or at some of the house corner, and 80% chances that my dear hubby is trying to murder the lizards.

I always joke to EG that if ever the lizards can talk, they might probably be warning each other not to enter our house as it's a cursed house for lizards. No lizard could survive getting out from our house. And if there's ever lizard survived, they might have a celebration or testimony sharing among all the lizards. Ya, stupid I know. That's how we entertain (or rather irritate) each other everyday. :P

One day, when we went to a friend's house for a birthday celebration, EG shared about his hatred for lizards, and our friend told us to put a top cracked eggs at the entrance of the main door to prevent lizard. We have not heard this before so we asked why, and the answer given was: "Dinosaur's eggs mar, they will scare the lizard off..."

That's really funny! We don't know if it works but we decided to give it a try. So I cracked the eggs differently while trying to prepare a breakfast few weeks ago.

Then, EG left two of them @ the corner of our main door. Funnily, he put the eggs facing down. U think this position will "tell" the lizards that it's dinosaur's eggs? Obviously no right?! =.=. His wisdom was zero that day. :P

So, we changed the position to show the "hole" to the lizards...! :P. "Hey hey lizards, there're dinosaurs coming out from these holes ok.... so go somewhere else and play before you become their meals! And don't poo here!"

Seriously I dunno if it works but recently there's not much lizards in our house... Not sure if it's coincident, or the lizards are really scared off by the Dinosaur's eggs! :P... Anyway, EG put another 3 of them at another corner of the house.

We shall continue to monitor and see if these "dinosaur eggs" really work to scare the lizard off.



ayumi said...

OK! I shall try it too!! hahaha.. i heard of this matter.. but i also never know the reason.. i thought is coz of the smell or sth.. but never expect the explanation of "dinasor egg" LOL good one!

pENguiN~ said...

i think the smell also plays a certain role coz my friend did say about changing it after a while to get the smell... but it has to be cracked that way to tell the lizards that it's dinosaur's eggs... :P

Joy said...

Interesting... let me know if this works cos I would like to try it at home too... :)

pENguiN~ said...

I think need to change the eggs after 2 weeks max coz we saw some droppings after 2 weeks and changed the eggs and no more droppings... :P

Dunno if it really works but recently no lizard though...

The Hungry Hog said...

does it also work for cockroaches ah? or rats?

pENguiN~ said...

Err i dun think so lo... :P