Monday, February 01, 2010

Muffins Making

I have always wanted to try to make muffins. The steps look easy but I normally only like to try something that's already being tested - to make sure it's not too sweet and to prevent wastage in case it doesn't work. :D

Yvonne came to our place last weekend and showed me how to make her secret recipe for Banana Choc Muffins. Oh it tasted so good and the steps are so easy. :D... So, since it's a long weekend, I decided to try out the normal Vanilla Choc Chips muffins from some other ppl's blog since I'm lazy to go get the ripe bananas.

I just tried 1 recipe that yields 12 muffins - my muffin cups are tall (actually, i don't even know if they are the real muffin cups :P), else it should yield more than 12.

Baking in process

My cute cute muffins

Close up of the muffin with lots of choc chips :P

EG loves it! =) But he didn't know that the muffin cups can be reused and he spoilt one of them...! =.=

Wasted one muffin cup
I'll definitely try this recipe again next time..!

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